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Getting Started with Transactional Emails using MassMailer

November 5, 2016 | by

Transactional emails are triggered by the system when a user performs a specific action on a company’s website, app, etc. For example, you receive a transactional email on order confirmation when you purchase something from an e-commerce site. It has details of your transaction – item purchased, price, delivery date, shipping address, etc.

Send Transactional-Emails-in-salesforce


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How to Track & Optimize Mass Email Campaigns?

November 5, 2016 | by

Tracking and optimizing your mass email campaigns is essential to getting that perfect campaign. When your mass email is backed by data, chances of its success improve manifold. Trust us, there is no secret recipe for sending out mass emails. You must keep testing, tweaking, tracking and finally optimizing to figure out what works and what does not.



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6 Tips to A/B Test your Mass Email Campaigns Like a Pro

November 5, 2016 | by

In email marketing, one size fits all does not work. So, what worked for your competitor, may or may not work for you. The best way to find out what kind of mass email campaign works for you, is to do an A/B test. A/B testing or Split Testing is a type of experiment for your mass email campaigns that test one variable at a time and eventually optimize your emails to achieve maximum success.



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5 Time-Saving Tips for Sending Out Mass Email

September 18, 2016 | by

Email Marketing is one of the most cost effective methods of reaching out to your subscribers. If done right, it can earn you huge dividends. However, sending out emails to thousands of subscribers can be a time consuming and tedious job. When you have hundreds of other things to look into, you may not want to spend hours on that one mass email.


Here are 5 tips that would save you time while sending out a mass email.

  1. Have a clear goal
  2. Verify & Segment your Email list
  3. Use customizable email templates
  4. Ensure compliance with CAN-SPAM Laws
  5. Use an email marketing tool like MassMailer


Have a clear goal

While this may seem the most obvious tip, it is also the most overlooked one when it comes to email marketing. Before you even start building your mass email campaign, it is important to ask yourself “Why am I sending this email?”. You should have a clear idea about what you want to achieve from the campaign. Whether you are informing your customers about a new feature in your existing product or seeking to upsell or cross-sell or just wishing them well for the Holidays – whatever be the reason you are sending out the email, it should be very clear to you. This will make it easier for you to figure out the right message in your email.

Verify & Segment your Email List

Email list verification is the process of determining whether the email addresses on your list are valid and deliverable. In one of our previous articles, we discussed at length on why it is important. By removing invalid email IDs from your list, email list verification saves you time by ensuring that you do not waste time sending our email campaigns to junk IDs.

Segmenting a verified email list also goes a long way in saving you some valuable time. Let’s say your enterprise sells 2 products A and B. Having a segmented list for each of the products’ customers will ensure that you do not waste time sending out a mass email campaign for a feature update of Product A to a customer of Product B.

Maintaining a verified segmented list of email Ids will make the process of sending out mass email campaigns not only faster but also more effective.

Use Customizable Email Templates

Designing an email template from the scratch could take up a lot of your time. To make the process faster, use predesigned templates and then customize them as per your need. Most email marketing platforms today offer email templates. If you depend on Salesforce for much of your sales and marketing activity, you should choose an email tool that can generate templates from within Salesforce itself.

Ensure compliance with CAN-SPAM Laws

CAN-SPAM stands for Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing. It is a law that sets the rules for commercial email, establishes requirements for commercial messages, gives recipients the right to have you stop emailing them, and spells out tough penalties for violations.

Some of the dos and don’ts include:

  • Don’t use false or misleading header information.
  • Don’t use deceptive subject lines.
  • Identify the message as an ad.
  • Tell recipients where you’re located.
  • Tell recipients how to opt out of receiving future email from you.

For details, you can check out The CAN-SPAM Act: A Compliance Guide for Business.

And if you are wondering, how does this save your time? Well, if you do not want to waste your time and money fighting lawsuits, this is important.

Use an email marketing tool like MassMailer

An email marketing tool like MassMailer automates the process and takes care of a lot of pain points of sending out mass mailing campaigns. Deeply integrated with Salesforce, MassMailer gives you the same refined user experience that you’re used to with Salesforce, at the same time, it lets you send emails beyond Salesforce’s limit of 5000 emails per day.  It has an-built mechanism to verify email IDs, features that let you segment your list easily, professionally-designed templates that can be customized as per requirement, analytics to help you track and measure your campaign’s success and many more. MassMailer also has checks and balances in place to ensure that your email is CAN-SPAM compliant.

So go ahead and send your mass email campaign without wasting a lot of time on it. Try MassMailer today!


10 Tips to Ensure your Mass Email Campaign Avoids the Spam Folder

August 25, 2016 | by

The success of your mass email campaign depends on its deliverability. No matter how much midnight oil you have burnt to create that awesome mass email campaign, it serves no purpose if it lands in the spam folder. Here are 10 tips to ensure that that your mass email reaches your subscriber’s inbox:

  1. Avoid purchased, rented or scraped email lists
  2. Avoid misleading “From” field addresses
  3. Avoid promotional and deceptive subject lines
  4. Avoid linking to spammy sites
  5. Avoid image-only emails
  6. Avoid large attachments
  7. Avoid sending HTML emails without a text version
  8. Avoid hiding your opt-out information
  9. Avoid long gaps between communication
  10. Avoid blacklisted email servers

Tip 1: Avoid purchased, rented or scraped email lists

Never, ever buy an email list. These contain a lot of dead emails and spam traps which quickly inform mailbox providers that you are breaking the rules by sending unsolicited emails. Always seek permission when adding a subscriber to your list.

Additionally, if you have a permission-based list that has not been used for some time, verify your email list.

Tip 2: Avoid misleading “From” field addresses

Use clear and trustworthy ‘from’ field addresses such as: “name@yourdomain.com” “contact@yourdomain.com”, “newsletter@yourdomain.com”, “support@yourdomain.com”, “feedback@yourdomain.com”. Obscure addresses like “1412scmk8@domain.com” make no sense to your subscribers and ESPs.

Tip 3: Avoid promotional and deceptive subject lines

The key here is to remember that spam filters are trying to remove promotional emails. So avoid terms like “free”, “100% off”, etc. in your subject line. A single exclamation mark would do, so do not scream “AWESOME!!!!” in your subject line. Also, your subject line should be in sync with what you are saying in your email.

Tip 4: Avoid linking to spammy sites

Some wise man once said, “You are known by the company you keep”. So if your email body copy links to any spammy site, your email has a high chance of being thrown into the spam folder too.

Tip 5: Avoid image-only emails

It is recommended that for every graphic you use, there should be at least two lines of text. Maintaining a good text to image ratio is important. Always use optimized images in your emails.

Tip 6: Avoid large attachments

Email attachments from unknown senders or not-so-known senders are looked as unsafe. So even if your mail lands up in your subscribers’ inbox, they would not care to download. If you have to send an attachment, stick to .jpg, .gif, .png and .pdf formats. Executable attachments such as .exe, .zip, .swf, etc. should be avoided entirely. In case you have to send a large attachment, use services like WeTransfer or Dropbox.

Tip 7: Avoid sending HTML emails without a text version

Sending HTML email with a text version helps you in 2 ways. Firstly, it helps you avoid the spam filter. Secondly, it is also more user friendly as recipients who cannot view HTML emails can see the text version.

Tip 8: Avoid hiding your opt-out information

It is important that your subscriber is given the choice to unsubscribe from your mail list. Make your opt-out information clearly visible in your email to avoid spam filters.

Tip 9: Avoid long gaps between communication

As in personal relationships, so in relationships built over the internet- you need to stay in touch. If you mail your subscribers once in six months, they may just forget all about your and not open your mails. This affects your email open rate and consequently, your credibility.

Tip 10: Avoid blacklisted email servers

Before sending out your email campaign, ensure that your email server is not blacklisted. There are many free online tools available that will help you with this. If you find that you are on a blacklist, you will need to follow up with the website that has added you to their blacklist and get yourself removed.

In addition to these tips, you must comply with the CAN-SPAM Act 2003. According to the FTC, if you violate the law, you could be fined $11,000 for each offense—that’s $11,000 for each email address on your list.

Sending mass email campaigns can be tricky. However, if you want to send mass emails to your Salesforce contacts, we have you covered. MassMailer, overcomes the sender limitations of Salesforce CRM and complies with CAN-SPAM Act 2003, automatically safeguarding you from spam filters. Get a Free Trial today!


5 Tips to Write Killer Mass Emails that Prompt Users to Take Action

July 8, 2016 | by

Email Marketing is one of the most effective ways of reaching out to your customers, both existing and potential. They help in communicating and building relationships with prospects, gather important data, and help boost marketing ROI.

The basic thumb rule of writing successful mass promotional emails is to Respect the Recipient. Give them the attention they deserves and do not treat them as just another name in your humongous list of subscribers.

In this post we are going to discuss 5 tips that would help you write killer emails that work.

Tip 1: Personalize

Personalize your emails with dynamic content. Personalization helps your subscriber feel that the email has been specifically written for them.

You can personalize the content of your email by inserting basic customer merge tags. Merge tags are placeholders that are replaced by actual content when the email is sent.

Hey {{user.name}}! becomes “Hey John!”

Segmenting your customers as per their interests and then sending out content which match their interests is another way of personalization.

Netflix does an excellent job in personalization. It not only adds the name of the recipient in the subject and the body of the email but also recommends programs based on the user’s preferences on the platform.

Tip 2:  Follow the AIDA model


AIDA is a marketing acronym which stands for Attention, Interest, Desire & Action. The first three steps lead your audience to the fourth step of action.


Your subscriber is bombarded with hundreds of emails everyday. In order for your email to stand out and grab attention, it should have a subject line that encourages the person to open the email. Once you have got their attention, catch their interest by focusing on their needs, the same needs driven by which they clicked your email in the first place. While you are building their interest, show them how you can fulfill their desire. And last, tell them what needs to be done for them to fulfill their need.


This email from Hubspot is a good example of the AIDA model. It catches attention by asking the person if they are thinking of learning about inbound. Next it builds their interest by telling them how inbound is different from traditional marketing. To create a desire for the offering, it talks about the benefits like more leads, visitors, etc. and a globally recognized qualification. And lastly, it clearly mentions the action required from them to get started.

Tip 3: Use the 1-2-3 method

When you are stuck with how to convey your message in the best possible way, use the 1-2-3 method. In this method, you define the first 3. These 3 could be the steps that you want your recipient to take or the benefits that the recipient will have. Defining the first 3 will not only simplify the messaging but will also remove any iota of  uncertainty.  


LinkedIn uses the 1-2-3 method to sell the benefits of Job Seeker Premium to its users.

Tip 4: Make your recipient happy

One happy subscriber is better than many unhappy ones as they are more likely to open your email again. You can make them happy in a number of ways – just say something nice or tell them an uplifting story. Giving them a little something is the easiest way to make them happy.



Uber provides it users a little something in a variety of ways – in the form of a referral code while sending trip receipts, providing a free ride in exchange for a certain number of rides, etc.

Tip 5:  If you want the recipient to take action, make the action actionable

Simply put, if you want the recipient to click, use buttons. Make the call-to-action on the button crisp but clear. Make the button stand out from the rest of the email by using a contrasting color, adding white space around the button, adding an on-hover color, etc.

GettyImages has a clear call to action button in its promotional emails.


With this 5 simple tips, you can ace your email marketing campaign and prompt your user to take action.

Last but not the least, to ensure the success of your campaign you need an mass email tool that lets you implement all these tactics with ease. That’s exactly what MassMailer is. From merge tags, to pre-designed templates, to call-to-action buttons, MassMailer gives you all you need to capture and keep the attention of your subscribers. MassMailer is the leading mass email solution for Salesforce. To see it in action, start a free trial of MassMailer today.


7 Ways MassMailer Simplifies Email Marketing With Salesforce

May 23, 2016 | by

Sending one-to-one customer emails in Salesforce is super easy, but for mass emails, Salesforce has some limitations. Salesforce limits you to 1,000 emails in a mass email blast per day where the “Day” is defined as a 24 hour period based on GMT – not your local time. Furthermore, there are limits on how many emails you can send out in a single “blast” based on your edition of Salesforce. (more…)