For over ten years being the original developers of MassMailer, we have been helping organizations leverage Salesforce to better support business needs. During this time we have done over 1000 successful Salesforce projects providing implementation, customization, integration, custom development and consulting services.

Our extensive experience and expertise with Salesforce, along with our resources, are available to our MassMailer customers to help you more fully leverage your Salesforce investment for maximum value. Whether you just need a special report, help with a mass email campaign, advice on best practices, or something more extensive like data clean up or specialized development and integration with other applications to meet unique business needs, we can help.

We have service offerings related both to mass emailing specific needs as well as more general business needs.

Mass Emailing related services

We offer a range of specialized services directly related to mass emailing that includes:

Email Best Practices:

Nowadays, email plays an increasingly important role in almost all organizations for generating new business, keeping customers and prospects informed of new developments, renewal notices, newsletters, collection follow up and a number of other things. To get better results from your email activities we offer a one-on-one session to discuss your emails needs and how you are currently addressing them, and provide feedback along with written recommendations to improve you emailing results by addressing such things as enhancing email delivery, improving content, maintaining your email reputation, staying off “blacklists” and more.

  • A one-on-one 2-hour session including written recommendation and ½ hour follow up is $399
  • Any additional support is charged per hour, $195

Run My Campaign:

If you are not familiar with the Salesforce Campaign feature, or just don’t have the time, we can set up and schedule mass email campaigns for you. Simply send us your email content and email list, and we will set everything up including a standard report so you can monitor results. The cost is $125 per campaign. If you need additional help with setting up a custom HTML email template, cleaning up your content and/or list, or validating email address before executing the campaign we can help with that also for an additional cost.

Custom Reporting Services:

Knowing how your email campaigns are performing is highly important to fine-tune email content and target lists in order to get better results. There are a number of standard reports in Salesforce that you can use, but if you have a special business need which requires custom reporting, we can help. The cost will vary depending on your specific requirements.

Custom MassMailer Development in Salesforce:

The native MassMailer app for Salesforce is a powerful email platform that leverages a lot of Salesforce features and capabilities. However, some organizations have unique business needs that require custom development for things such as extracting data from email responses received, implementing complicated processes, or creating special triggers. If you have special needs and requirements we can help you develop and implement an appropriate solution. The cost will vary depending on your specific requirements.


General Salesforce services:

In addition to our email specific services we also offer general Salesfoce related services which we have been doing since 2007, including:

Salesforce Data Cleaning and Deduping Projects:

Over time databases become infected with unclean data and duplicates. It is important to periodically clean up your Contact and Lead data especially if you are planning to start mass email campaigns, or just need to clean up your data in order to make your marketing, sales and customer service activities more effective. Also, there are tools available that can be installed to help you keep your data clean and avoid duplications after a cleanup project, and we can help you select and install the appropriate tool for you. If you would like to discuss your Data Life Cycle and cleaning needs, let us know.

Salesforce Administration & Development On-Demand Support:

A number of organizations cannot justify a full-time in-house Salesforce administrator or development group so we started an on-demand service which has become very popular over the years. This is a true on- demand service and you only pay for what you use. This is a great service for those who do not have in-house Salesforce resources and would like the assurance that expert help is always just a phone call away for those small ad-hoc needs, emergencies, and discussions regarding best practices or addressing other issues that may arise with their Salesforce instance. Even if you already have some in-house Salesforce resources, our on-demand service can be used to back them up when needed with our senior administrators and certified Salesforce developers who have experience with Salesforce Lightning platform, Apex, and Visualforce.

Salesforce Customization, Development and Integration Projects:

If you are new to Salesforce or have been Salesforce customer for years, organizations have unique and changing business needs which require updating their Salesforce org to better meet those needs and improve adoption in order to get more value from their Salesforce investment. We can help you with custom and specialized development, integrating Salesforce with other applications or a combination of these things, or something simple like migrating to Lightning.

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