Salesforce is the #1 CRM tool, but it has serious drawbacks as a mass emailing platform. Salesforce restricts the number of emails you can send with a limit of 5000 emails per day. Also provides very limited email statistics and tracking. But considering all your prospects are stored in Salesforce, how do you go beyond these limits and still use Salesforce for your mass emailing needs? Enter MassMailer.

MassMailer lets you send unlimited emails from within Salesforce, for Enterprise Edition or above. Built on the Salesforce platform, it has all the mass email features you’ll ever need.

Send unlimited emails no matter how large your email list is.

  • Native Salesforce Email integration for a seamless experience.
  • Send mass emails to any standard or custom object in Salesforce.
  • Track opens, clicks, unsubscribes, bounces, spam reports, invalid.
  • Leverage Salesforce Native Email Templates.
  • Build beautiful email templates with a simple drag and drop email template builder.
  • Simple email creation wizard for point-and-click ease.
  • Detailed metrics & monitoring so you’re always in the know.
  • Send a single email to any standard or a custom object.
  • Send Now or Schedule Later.
  • Email verification & deliverability tools to make sure your emails reach your prospects.
  • Customizable to support unique business requirements with developer APIs.
  • Higher email delivery via dedicated IP address and email authentication.
  • Ability to send from different email addresses and domains.
  • Send Workflow email alerts and track opens, clicks, etc to any standard or custom object using the Salesforce Process Builder integration with MassMailer.
  • Add unsubscribe link to the emails, manage email subscription groups, or distribution lists.
  • Send Drip Campaigns using the Process Builder Integration.
  • Send emails to any email field from the current object, from a parent object, or, from a child object.

Learn more about Salesforce’s mass email limits, and how you can break those limits by sending mass emails with MassMailer.