How many MassMailer users will you need?

Full Access License


per user/month
(10% discount with annual billing)
(volume discount available)
(all prices in USD)
(one system admin license mandatory) START YOUR 15-DAY TRIAL

Read Only Access License


per user/month
(10% discount with annual billing)
(volume discount available)
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One-time setup fee of $299.99

How many emails will you send per month?



10,000 emails | $29.99 *

25,000 emails | $59.99 *

50,000 emails | $69.99 *

75,000 emails | $79.99 *

( * price per company per month)
(10% discount with annual billing)
(Basic Support Package is included)


100,000 emails | $149.99 *
200,000 emails | $249.99 *
300,000 emails | $349.99 *
400,000 emails | $449.99 *
500,000 emails | $549.99 *

$100 for every additional 100K emails
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( * price per company per month)
(10% discount with annual billing)
(Email Monitor add-on is included)
(Basic Support Package is included)


1 million emails and more

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Detailed Analytics And
Sender Authentication
A Dedicated IP provided by MassMailer $79.99/month
(Email Monitor add-on included)
Advanced IP Management Features (included with the purchase of a Dedicated IP)
High email volume
Add Additional IP(s) at only $49.99/IP/month
  • Send mass email campaigns
  • Create emails with email wizard
  • Send mass stay-in-touch emails (additional user license required)
  • Send one-off emails to leads or contacts
  • Global sender, send as owner
  • Schedule email for future send
  • Email activity history
  • Email statistics with reports and dashboards
  • Delivered/opened/clicked/unsubscribed tracking
  • Bounce/spam/blocked reporting
  • Native Salesforce API

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Which addons would you like to include?

MassMailer Email Verifier

(One-time cost is based on the following prepaid Email Verifier Packages purchased)

Help protect your sender reputation by a click of a button right within Salesforce using MassMailer Email Verifier feature. Clean your email list before you hit send and reduce your bounce rate by up to 98%. Choose any of the following prepaid packages and get started today.

Prepaid Email Verifier Packages

1k $7.99
5k $39.99
10k $49.99
25K $124.99
50K $249.99
75K $324.99
100k $399.99
250k $749.99
500k $1,099.99
750k $1,324.99
1M $1,549.99

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MassMailer Email Monitor

$29.99/month/domain($9.99 for an additional domain)

(10% discount with annual billing)
Deliver with confidence that your email does not go to spam and looks great.
(Email Monitor add-on included in the current list price for Dedicated IP plans)
  • AlttextPredictive Deliverability Metrics
  • Alttext Content Analysis & Optimization
  • Alttext Infrastructure Analysis & Optimization
  • Alttext DMARC Compliance Verification
  • Alttext Email Client Preview Testing
  • Alttext Blacklist & Whitelist Monitoring
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Which support package would you like to include?

Basic Support Package

$29.99/month/company(Basic support package included in the current list price)

  • Alttext Email, Phone, and Screen share support
  • Alttext Setup, configuration support
  • Alttext Email deliverability settings support
  • Alttext 1-1 training at the time of signup, and for any new features
  • Alttext Upgrade support

Advanced Support Package


  • Alttext Everything in the Basic support package included
  • Alttext Email Deliverability and Best Practices Support
  • Alttext Campaign support (1 per month - no data cleanup or import included)
  • Alttext MassMailer advanced template creation support (1 per month - no custom coding or graphics)

Upgrade On-Demand


  • Alttext Upgrade to the latest version
  • Alttext Fix any setup, configuration issues
  • Alttext Check SPF, DKIM, DMARC setup and suggest any changes
  • Alttext Complete review of your MassMailer setup, configuration

MassMailer 1-1 Training On-Demand

$49.99/half an hour

  • Alttext Review your current usage of MassMailer
  • Alttext Review your company needs
  • Alttext Customize the training per your needs
  • Alttext 1-1 Training on the existing and new features
  • Alttext Recorded training session

Support On-Demand

1 to 10 hours prepaid package $195 an hour
11+ hours prepaid package $175 an hour

(Prepaid hours purchased expire within three months time from the purchase date)
  • Alttext Salesforce custom development
  • Alttext Salesforce administration & customization

MassMailer Custom Reports On-Demand


  • Alttext Review your current reporting needs
  • Alttext Build a custom report based on your needs
  • Alttext Schedule, or send the custom report developed
  • Alttext Learn how to customize the report for an additional $49.99

MassMailer Email Deliverability
Support On-Demand


  • Alttext Analyze your recipient list for any spamtraps, invalids, bounces etc
  • Alttext Analyze your email infrastructure settings for SPF, DMARC, DKIM
  • Alttext Analyze your sender domain, IP reputation
  • Alttext Recommend best practices, suggest any changes

MassMailer Admin Support On-Demand


  • Alttext Setup drip campaigns
  • Alttext Setup Process Builder email alerts
  • Alttext Campaign & Template buidling support

MassMailer Developer Support On-Demand


  • Alttext Customize MassMailer as per your needs
  • Alttext Extend MassMailer functionality with custom development
  • Alttext Leverage MassMailer developer APIs for custom functionality