Choose the right MassMailer plan to fit your company’s needs

(Ask for a special discount for Higher Ed and Non-Profit organizations. Volume discount available. All prices in USD. price is per month, 10% discount with annual billing)







10,000 emails | $219
25,000 emails | $251

($297 one-time cost for IP warm-up for 3 months + on-boarding package starts at $297)

10,000 emails | $279
25,000 emails | $311
100,000 emails | $392
($297 one-time cost for IP warm-up for 3 months + on-boarding package starts at $297)


10,000 emails | $409
25,000 emails | $441
100,000 emails | $521
200,000 emails | $649
300,000 emails | $775
400,000 emails | $902
500,000 emails | $1029

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(ongoing IP warm-up included for on domain and IP + on-boarding package starts at $297)

User Licenses / Add-ons      
Admin License 1 1 1
Read-only License
(reserved for the MassMailer guest user only and cannot be assigned to the end-user)
1 1 1
MassMailer Docs add-on assigned to the admin license user
(needs a subscription to Rackspace Cloud Files paid directly to Rackspace)
1 1 1
Email Marketing Features      
Drip Campaigns &
Email Notifications
Segmentations &
Merge Fields
A/B Testing
File Attachments
Detailed Analytics & Reporting
Open, Click, Reply, Unsubscribe Tracking
Email Template Features      
Drag & Drop Template Builder
Embed Images, Videos
Custom HTML
Visualforce Templates
Dynamic Email Templates
High Email Volume
Email Deliverability Features      
Sender Authentication
Dedicated IP
Multiple Domains & IPs
Email Monitor & Email Client Preview
Email Verify
(100 credits/month)

(100 credits/month)
Inboxing Service to deliver emails to Inbox
Document Management Features      
Manage documents and versions
Manage folders
Create Temp URLs
Create public/private files
Attach files to Salesforce objects
Upload files to Salesforce from a web form
Community user access for document management
Product Support      
Email, Chat, Phone Support
Basic Product Support
User License Add-ons      
Admin Access User $60 /user/month $60 /user/month $60 /user/month
Full Access User $60 /user/month $60 /user/month $60 /user/month
Read-only Access User $15 /user/month $15 /user/month $15 /user/month
Editor-only Access User $15 /user/month $15 /user/month $15 /user/month
Community Access User $15 /user/month $15 /user/month $15 /user/month
Other Add-ons      
10K Add-on emails $25 $25 $25
Add-on IP address $100 /month $100 /month $100 /month
Add-on Domain $15 /month $15 /month $15 /month
Add-on Inboxing Service $100 /month $100 /month $100 /month
Sandbox plan (10K emails per month) $50 /month $50 /month $50 /month
MassMailer Docs Add-ons (needs a subscription to Rackspace Cloud Files paid directly to Rackspace)  
MassMailer Docs User $10 /user/month $10 /user/month $10 /user/month
MassMailer Docs Community User $5 /user/month $5 /user/month $5 /user/month
MassMailer Success-as-a-service Packages (buy monthly/one-time pack)  
SHORT $297 (3 hrs support) $297 (3 hrs support) $297 (3 hrs support)
TALL $972 (11 hrs support) $972 (11 hrs support) $972 (11 hrs support)
GRANDE $1972 (21 hrs support) $1972 (21 hrs support) $1972 (21 hrs support)
  • Send mass email campaigns
  • Create emails with email wizard
  • Send mass stay-in-touch emails (additional user license required)
  • Send one-off emails to leads or contacts
  • Global sender, send as owner
  • Schedule email for future send
  • Email activity history
  • Email statistics with reports and dashboards
  • Delivered/opened/clicked/unsubscribed tracking
  • Bounce/spam/blocked reporting
  • Native Salesforce API

Close Standard Features for All Plans

How many emails would you like to verify?

MassMailer Email Verifier

(One-time cost is based on the following prepaid Email Verifier Packages purchased)
(It is mandatory to verify emails for the first time customers)

Help protect your sender reputation by a click of a button right within Salesforce using MassMailer Email Verifier feature. Clean your email list before you hit send and reduce your bounce rate by up to 98%. Choose any of the following prepaid packages and get started today.

Prepaid Email Verifier Packages

1k $29
5k $119
10k $229
25K $529
50K $749
75K $899
100k $1,079
250k $1,799
500k $2,519
750k $3,239
1M $3,599

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Which on-boarding package would you like to include?

(select an on-boarding package from the following which is mandatory)


(price in USD)


(price in USD)


(price in USD)
Initial app setup, configuration
Email, IP authentication Setup
IP warm-up Setup
User Training 1 hour 1 hour 1 hour
Admin Training 1 hour 1 hour
First Outreach Campaign Support
First Email Verifier Support
First Email Monitor Report Analysis and Guidance
Email Deliverability Best Practices Training 1 hour
Google Postmaster Tools Account Setup
First Email Campaign Deliverability Health Check 1 hour

Which success-as-a-service package would you like to include?


(3 hours of support monthly / one-time)
(price in USD)


(11 hours of support monthly / one-time)
(price in USD)


(21 hours of support monthly / one-time)
(price in USD)

(Discounted rates for dedicated team support, high volume support hours)
(Ask for Salesforce Admin and Developer support as you needed)

MassMailer Admin Support

  • AlttextSetup drip campaigns
  • AlttextSetup Process Builder email alerts
  • AlttextCampaign & Template building support

MassMailer Developer Support

  • AlttextCustomize MassMailer as per your needs
  • AlttextExtend MassMailer functionality with custom development
  • AlttextLeverage MassMailer developer APIs for custom functionality

MassMailer Training Support

  • Alttext1-1 training
  • AlttextGroup training
  • AlttextTrain the trainer sessions
  • AlttextCustomized training to the team

Salesforce Admin Support

  • AlttextConfigure and Customize Salesforce as per your needs
  • AlttextReports, Dashboards, Data Migration
  • AlttextRegular Salesforce Administration support activities

Salesforce Developer Support

  • AlttextExtend Salesforce functionality with custom development
  • AlttextApex, Visualforce, Lightning development
  • AlttextCustom Integration with third-party applications

Which email deliverability support package would you like to include?


(10 hours of support)
(price in USD)


(20 hours of support)
(price in USD)


(40 hours of support)
(price in USD)

MassMailer Email Deliverability Support

  • AlttextDomain setup, DNS configuration, new domain warm-up, IP warming
  • AlttextAnalyze your email infrastructure settings for SPF, DMARC, DKIM
  • AlttextAnalyze your sender domain, IP reputation
  • AlttextRecommend best practices on the Inbox placement
  • AlttextInvestigate and find the cause for low open/click rates
  • AlttextISP mediation for blocking/blacklisting removal for the client’s domain or IP
  • AlttextBlacklisting removal and troubleshoot deliverability issues
  • AlttextMonitor and evaluate Inbox placement

Are you experiencing email deliverability issues?
Order an email deliverability audit report today

(price in USD)
  • AlttextComprehensive Email Deliverability Audit report
  • AlttextReveals issues in your emailing practices, content, and processes
  • AlttextGives insights on best practices to improve deliverability
  • AlttextIncludes seed list testing
  • AlttextIP/Domain reputation analysis
  • AlttextContent reviews (subject and the body)
  • AlttextEmail authentication (SPF, DKIM, DMARC, rDNS), email headers
  • AlttextData management (unsubscribes, feedback loops, bounce handling)
  • AlttextCampaign management practices
  • AlttextAdditional tools suggestions
  • Alttext1-hour on-call consultation explaining the report and how you can improve on the highlighted grey areas