As a Salesforce user, or someone who manages a team of Salesforce users, you believe that Salesforce is the lifeline of your business. You have all your prospects and leads in various Lists in Salesforce, and some of them can be as large as many thousands, or even hundreds of thousands.

You’re able to be in touch with prospects on-to-one using Salesforce. But to make a dent in your quarterly goals, sometimes it takes more than one-to-one emailing. You also want to send out mass emails to entire lists for a bigger response. These mass emails could contain promotions, drip marketing campaigns, or company announcements. However, there is one problem. If you’ve ever tried to send out mass emails from Salesforce before, you would have probably come across Salesforce’s mass email limit of 5,000 emails per day.

In an effort to meet this goal, you consider all options, and you’d find that there are two possible solutions. You could make a copy of your entire contacts lists, and use an email marketing tool like MailChimp to send out mass emails, and continue using Salesforce for one-to-one emails. This way you’d need to maintain two separate databases, which means your list quality would be compromised. Also, your workflow becomes more complex, as you’d need to learn a whole new tool, and may have to hop between the two tools often. This is solution just about works, but is far from ideal.

Another option is to use a mass email solution that works from inside Salesforce itself. This could be a Salesforce plugin that uses an external email app to send out email, but keeps all functionality within Salesforce. This way you’d have a single database, and won’t need to worry about the quality of your lists. Additionally, being native to Salesforce, you wouldn’t have to learn how to use a new email marketing tool, all the functionality is available to you within Salesforce. This is the ideal solution.

The next step is to find the best tool that meets this need. To help with this step, we’ve compiled a comparison of the top mass email solutions for Salesforce, comparing them on the most important features that a Salesforce user would need.




Vertical Response


Supported Salesforce Edition Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer, Performance Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer, Performance Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited or Group account Group, Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited,, Developer, Performance
Campaign Support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mass Email Wizard Yes (User,lead contact) No Mailing list for lead and contact No
Schedule One-off Single Emails Yes (account,lead contact) No No No
Mass Stay in Touch Yes No No No
Sender Option Write your own, Record Owner, Loggedin User, Global Sender no information available Write Your Own Write Your Own
Reason for every event of email E.g, bounced Yes No No No
Dashboard and reports Both Dashboard only Dashboard only Dashboard only
Compare With other Mass Emails Sent Yes No Yes No
Merge Fields E.g, {contact.firstname} Yes Yes No No
Templates and Images for creating emails Yes, leverages Salesforce templates No Yes Yes
Social Share Buttons No No Yes No

As seen from the comparison, MassMailer, the mass email app from MassMailer, Inc, comes out on top. It has a rich feature set like mass email wizard, scheduling one-off emails, mass stay in touch emails, ability to merge fields, and advanced reporting. It enables any individual, not just marketers, to send out mass emails from within Salesforce.

Learn more about MassMailer, and signup for a free 15 day trial.