Sending one-to-one customer emails in Salesforce is super easy, but for mass emails, Salesforce has some limitations. Salesforce limits you to 1,000 emails in a mass email blast per day where the “Day” is defined as a 24 hour period based on GMT – not your local time. Furthermore, there are limits on how many emails you can send out in a single “blast” based on your edition of Salesforce.

Now, you may have more than 1000 subscribers to your newsletter, or an important update from your organization that needs to reach hundreds of thousands of people (shareholders, employees, customers, etc.). What do you do then?

Welcome MassMailer!

A simple email plugin that lets you send unlimited emails from within Salesforce.

7 Ways MassMailer Simplifies Email Marketing With Salesforce

  • All Emails in a Single Platform

When your marketing team is already struggling with a plethora of tools to perform various tasks, you do not want to add one more to that list. They do not need another mailing tool just to send mass emails.

With MassMailer, they can send both one-to-one emails and unlimited mass mails. Also, all list management and hosting happens at one place, so you can focus on sending out emails than managing various email tools.

  • Little to No Learning Curve

The MassMailer wizard seamlessly integrates with Salesforce. Its point-and-click interface is intuitive, and requires no coding at all. The familiar and simple to use interface makes things easy to manage and your team can get started much faster.

  • Emails That Are More Than Just Plain Text

Your mass emails do not have to look boring and mundane. MassMailer comes with a variety of pre-designed templates which you can use to pep up your plain text mails.

It also allows you to use Salesforce templates. You can save and edit email templates on Salesforce using MassMailer. By monitoring the performance of your email templates, you can optimize your already used email templates for better performance without having to recreate the template each time. Templates are a powerful way to make your emails more engaging, and MassMailer gives you all the tools you need to have great email templates.

  • Up-to-date Email List

The success of your email campaign depends on how up-to-date your customers’ contact details are. With time, this data invariably become outdated. Salesforce’s Stay-in-Touch feature is a great way to keep your contact database up to date, but with its cap on the maximum number of mails that can be sent out, it offers little help.

MassMailer eliminates this limitation by allowing you to send Stay-in-Touch emails to your entire database requesting them for updated contact information. You’ll always have a high quality email list that wants to read your emails.

  • Track & Measure Performance

Though Salesforce allows you to see email open rates with reports, it cannot tell you what happened after the email was opened. For example, Salesforce cannot tell you if someone clicked on a link inside the email.

With MassMailer’s robust reporting, you can easily measure the performance of your emails with accurate and detailed statistics. You can track email opens, clicks, bounces, spams, unsubscribes, etc. MassMailer also gives you insights on the reasons for bounces – full mailbox, vacation message, non-existent address, blocked, etc. This insight helps you optimize your email campaigns based on real data.

  • Compliance with CAN-SPAM & CASL Acts

Email service providers are responsible to ensure your emails meet legal requirements like Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act (CAN-SPAM) and the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL). Following these laws keep you from getting labelled as spam.

Mails sent through MassMailer has checks and balances in place which ensure your mails follow these regulations by default and do not end up in the recipient’s spam folder.

  • API-based Customization

And last but not the least, using MassMailer’s native Salesforce Developer APIs you can extend the functionality of MassMailer as per your specific need. For example you can trigger transactional emails with custom coding using the APIs. This kind of customization can make even the most complex tasks a breeze.

With MassMailer, you can take your email marketing to the next level, which is over and above what Salesforce has to offer!