In email marketing, one size fits all does not work. So, what worked for your competitor, may or may not work for you. The best way to find out what kind of mass email campaign works for you, is to do an A/B test. A/B testing or Split Testing is a type of experiment for your mass email campaigns that test one variable at a time and eventually optimize your emails to achieve maximum success.


  • Determine what you are going to test:

Your mass email campaign constitutes of multiple elements – sender email ID, subject line, images, body text, call-to-action and so on. To conduct a successful A/B test, it is essential to determine one variable that you want to test. You can run multiple A/B tests for the various elements but for each test, make sure you are testing only one element and keeping all other things constant.

  • Define your success:

You can track multiple metrics like Open Rate, Clicks, Conversion Rate and so on but ensure what number you want to achieve. Let’s say your emails have historically seen an Open Rate of 3%. Aspiring for a 98% Open Rate in your test email is unwise. Pick your target wisely and keep improving gradually.

  • Send your test emails simultaneously

Both version of your mass email should go out at the same time, unless of course your variable is “time”. This ensures your results are not skewed by time-based factors.

  • Test on a considerable sample size

Your test sample size should be large enough to ensure your test results are accurate. You can split your entire email subscriber list into two, and send 50% of people one version of your email and the other 50%, the other version. This will ensure that your sample size is statistically valid.

  • Go by data & not by your gut

At times, you may still want to overlook the test results and follow your instincts. Trust us, it is a very human thing to do. But when your gut is backed by data, the results are phenomenal. So, test as frequently as you can and make informed and data-backed choices.

  • Use an email solution like MassMailer

While you can A/B test your Salesforce mass email campaigns manually, a tool like MassMailer simplifies the process manifold. With an in-built A/B testing, MassMailer lets you change whichever variables you want to test through its wizard-like interface. What’s more, since it closely resembles the Salesforce interface, there is no learning curve involved in conducting the A/B test. If you’re a Salesforce user already, you can start bulk emailing, and A/B testing in MassMailer right away. To add to it, MassMailer also lets you send any number of mass A/B test campaigns without hitting any Salesforce limitations.

Try MassMailer for A/B testing your Salesforce campaigns today!