Businesses need various tech tools to run smoothly, but using too many can create problems like data silos and communication issues. Salesforce offers solutions to streamline sales, marketing, and service tasks. 

Salesforce's New Unlimited Edition+ (UE+) Self-Service

Salesforce solutions help streamline workflows in sales, marketing, and service operations to a large extent. Recently, Salesforce announced the launch of a new edition, the Unlimited Edition+, which promises to deliver exemplary features and toolsets for the sales and services arms of your business.

Read on as we explore the exciting features and benefits of Salesforce’s new Unlimited Edition+ (UE+) self-service packages. Let’s start!

The Fundamentals of Salesforce UE Self-Service

Salesforce Unlimited Edition+ is a touted upgrade to the entire suite. It aims to consolidate Salesforce’s most popular products into a single package.

It also aims to bring together the operations and processes related to multiple customers and teams—within or outside Salesforce—into an end-to-end solution.

The new Salesforce packages offer better value to users across services, industries, and sales as they run on the Einstein 1 Platform. It helps businesses build apps powered by AI, connect data, and deliver stunning and novel CRM experiences on the platform.

The Unlimited Edition+ comprises Service Cloud Unlimited+ and Sales Cloud Unlimited+, with top-of-the-line features bundled together to enable users to unify their tech stacks, manage costs more effectively, and fuel growth.

The fully integrated product suite covers features that enable organizations to:

  • Plan enterprise systems efficiently.
  • Seamlessly connect disparate systems.
  • Conduct comprehensive end-user training sessions.

In a nutshell, Salesforce Unlimited+ offers several exciting new features over the previous version (Unlimited):

  • Sales planning module
  • Salesforce Maps
  • Enablement
  • Slack
  • Slack Sales Elevate
  • Revenue Intelligence
  • Sales GPT
  • Data Cloud

These enhancements complement the existing features and modules of the Unlimited edition, making UE+ a substantial upgrade that propels businesses into a new era of Salesforce excellence.


Salesforce's New Unlimited Edition+

What’s Inside Salesforce UE+

Salesforce Unlimited Edition+ integrates different tech stacks together to achieve a single, consolidated solution for sales and service.

Here are the highlights of Salesforce edition UE+ :

1. Sales Cloud UE+

Sales Cloud UE+ edition includes every feature that you would find in Sales Cloud Unlimited, plus additional new features unique to UE+ sales:

  • Data Cloud: Get increased storage on Salesforce Cloud to combine disparate customer data into a single place.
  • Generative AI: Utilize the power of integrated GPT products like Einstein GPT and Sales GPT to drive smarter decision-making across the platform.
  • Enablement: Empower your sales teams to sell smarter and better by learning about other teams, speaking consistent brand language, enhancing productivity, and more.
  • Sales Planning: You can easily define your business objectives, identify target markets, and establish strategies through integrated Sales Cloud UE+.
  • Maps: Transform brand content using location intelligence to view and analyze data in a geographical context.
  • Revenue Intelligence: Utilize the data-driven sales tool to understand opportunities and risks in deals through sales metrics and customer data analysis.
  • Slack: Streamline communication, data sharing, and workflows by seamlessly connecting Salesforce with Slack.
  • Slack Elevate: Integrate Salesforce Sales Cloud with Slack to centralize information and streamline processes effectively.

Your organization can drastically improve sales efficiencies using Sales Cloud UE+, as it offers automation of personalized brand messages to customers. It also provides tools to rank critical business deals using built-in analytics and insight.

2. Service Cloud UE+

With Service Cloud UE+, you receive every feature that is included in other Service Cloud packages, including several new additions:

  • Service Cloud Voice: Manage telephonic customer interactions from within Salesforce platform and Omni-Channel.
  • Digital EngagementDeliver consistent customer experiences by engaging them across multiple channels like messaging apps, web chat, in-app chat, etc.
  • Feedback Management: Leverage these features to refine your customer feedback strategy by understanding customer opinions about your brand and products.
  • Self-Service: Empower customers to resolve inquiries independently through self-service modules on your brand channels, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • CRM Analytics: Utilize the power of CRM analytics (formerly known as Einstein Analytics) to gather and analyze customer data comprehensively.

Some common features of Sales Cloud UE+ include data clouds, generative AI, and Slack. 

This suite empowers a service representative to optimize costs and boost productivity by several notches by helping service agents close incidents swiftly and reduce case volume. You can leverage data-backed insights to give your customers the power to resolve their queries easily using generative AI-powered searches.

3. Salesforce UE+: Features for Industries

The latest Salesforce edition includes solutions for specific industries that bundle the Sales and Service packages together with industry-aligned features. It provides enterprises with capabilities to achieve faster times to value with their customers.

  •  Financial Services Cloud UE+ (Sales and Service)

This bundle is specifically designed to help businesses in the niches of asset management, banks, and insurance agencies to integrate their customer data on a single platform.

Users can leverage AI to create and deliver tailored financial management and scale it as needed. Companies can collate interaction data, such as emails and webinars, with social media, business performance data, and more. This will help them understand what motivates their representatives to drive better client relationships and personalization.

  • Health Cloud UE+ for Service

Businesses like pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and other medical institutions can drastically reduce response times by providing robust digital health services to their patients.

The package includes integrated intelligence tools, live collaboration capabilities, and a holistic view of all stakeholders, including providers, partners, and patients.

  • Manufacturing Cloud UE+ for Sales

Businesses in manufacturing can streamline their process tremendously by building a data foundation that brings together all their tools in Salesforce. They get the capability to embed AI-powered tools across their sales cycles that help enhance productivity and the scalability of their operations.

Wrapping Up

For a business to grow, it is essential to establish positive relationships with clients and customers, for which Salesforce is an excellent tool. Especially for marketing and sales operations, companies can leverage Salesforce efficiently to not just create engagement with customers but also manage email campaigns.

Make sure you not only maximize the potential of Salesforce’s Unlimited Edition+ (UE+) self-service products but also complement them with robust email marketing strategies. This ensures comprehensive customer engagement and streamlined operations across sales, marketing, and service functions.

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