Salesforce is known to be a leading SaaS-based CRM provider that needs no introduction today. Considered the world’s top CRM supplier for a long time now, Salesforce offers several opportunities for people looking to pursue a rewarding career in this field.

Choosing the Right Salesforce Architect Certification

One of the best ways to stay ahead and prove your skills on this powerful CRM platform is to get relevant Salesforce certifications. However, it can be quite overwhelming to get certified in this domain of Salesforce.

The most important thing here is choosing the right certification to help you achieve your professional goals. One of the most useful certifications here is the Salesforce Architect Certification.

In this post, we will discuss all that you need to know about the Salesforce architect certification. This includes different types of certification options, ideal candidates to take these certifications, along the tips that will aid you in getting this popular certification to advance in your career.

Salesforce Architect Certifications

Salesforce Architects are known to design and implement solutions on the Salesforce platform to meet specific organizational needs. Among these are managing the technical aspects of Salesforce, such as customizing fields, objects, and validation rules, as well as developing and maintaining integrations with other systems.

As a Salesforce Technical Architect, you’ll also be required to understand the needs and requirements of a business and accordingly create solutions for them using the available tools.

Typically, Salesforce architects offer multiple solutions to a client and explain the pros and cons of each. This is a detailed role that involves using your knowledge of processes, technology, and people to provide the best solutions.

Becoming a Salesforce Certified Architect is a great way to prove your skills on one of the top CRM platforms today. Additionally, it can also help you advance your Salesforce career.

Various Salesforce Architect Certifications

There are several Salesforce Architect Certifications you can enroll yourself in. Among these are-

a. Salesforce Sharing and Visibility Architect

As the name suggests, a sharing and visibility architect focuses mainly on the design and implementation aspects of secure and scalable solutions.

This certification helps ensure that the candidate has the proper data access as well as visibility within an organization. The certification is ideal for people with a thorough knowledge of Salesforce security features and other access control mechanisms.

b. Data Architect

Salesforce Data Architect Certification is mainly for candidates who wish to make a career in designing as well as implementing scalable models and data-sharing strategies within the Salesforce system.

c. Salesforce Development Lifecycle Architect

This Salesforce Architect Certification is ideal for candidates with expertise and skills in managing the entire development lifecycle.

It’s the best certification choice for people with knowledge and experience in version control, release management, and continuous integration and deployment.

d. Salesforce Integration Architect

An Integration Architect is someone who can assess all integration requirements of the business and is able to leverage them to design scalable and secure integrations on the Salesforce platform.

The certification also equips the candidate to be able to demonstrate if they can communicate complex technical designs to various stakeholders.

e. Application Architect

The Application Architect certification is mainly for domain architects with a deep understanding of Salesforce applications, data models, and security. This is a certification that requires candidates to hold both the Data Architecture and Management Designer and Sharing and Visibility Designer certifications.

f. Salesforce Heroku Architect

A Salesforce Heroku Architect with relevant certification is someone with the requisite knowledge, skillsets, and experience in designing highly scalable apps and infrastructure that are built, deployed, as well as monitored on Heroku’s platform.

g. Salesforce B2B Solution Architect

Also known as Salesforce B2B Architect Certification, the Salesforce B2B Solution Architect is a targeted certification for candidates focused on business-to-business (B2B) solutions.

This Salesforce Solution Architect Certification equips you with various skills required to design and implement solutions that drive success in the B2B space. However, before candidates attempt this certification, it is necessary to clear the Application Architect Certification.

h. System Architect

This certification is primarily designed for Salesforce architects with specialization in aspects such as integration and lifecycle management.

However, there are various prerequisite certifications that candidates need to have for this. Among these are Integration Architecture Designer and Development Lifecycle and Deployment Designer certifications.

i. Salesforce Certified Technical Architect (CTA)

The CTA is the top or apex of Salesforce certifications. It is primarily meant for candidates who want to design and oversee complex, scalable solutions.

CTAs need to have the skills and ability to create comprehensive architectural solutions that help address complex business challenges.

various Salesforce certifications

Ideal Candidate for Appearing in Salesforce Architect Certification

As per the Salesforce Certified Technical Architect exam guide, an ideal candidate for this certification can:

  • Design fully secure, high-performance technical solutions on the Salesforce Lightning Platform.
  • Demonstrate their fundamental Salesforce skills, knowledge, and capabilities in assessing customer architecture.
  • Communicate various technical solutions effectively to business stakeholders and offer a powerful delivery framework that ensures both quality and success.

Guide to Clear Salesforce Architect Certification Exam

Now that you are aware of various Salesforce Technical Architect Certifications let’s go over the best ways to prepare for and pass the certification exam.

Here are the steps you can follow to prepare well for salesforce architect certification:

  • Enroll in the Salesforce Architect Training Program online.
  • Make a proper schedule for study hours.
  • Practice active reading of the study material and proactively think about the questions a client would ask.
  • Establish a proper timeline and plan confidence-building milestones as part of the learning.
  • Gauge your progress often by attempting practice exams.


While there are several different journeys to achieve Salesforce Architect Certification, the key here is the right planning and execution to make the journey fun, stimulating, and successful.

Choosing the right certifications and expanding your knowledge and skills continually can make you well-prepared to become a qualified Salesforce Architect.

All you need to remember here is that the Salesforce Architect Certification is an excellent and committed way to your professional growth and development.

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