What Are the Lead Generation Techniques Involved in LinkedIn?

October 31, 2017 | by

LinkedIn is a different type of social media platform that requires a completelTry MassMailer Prospector for freey different strategy. LinkedIn is a completely B2B platform and marketing on LinkedIn for business often involves different lead generation techniques. These techniques will focus on establishing yourself as an authority, engaging with customers, and moving customers off the platform.

Content Marketing: Posting Unique and Valuable Content

LinkedIn brings professionals to you. Selling in a digital age requires that you establish reputation and authority. To that end, you want a professional, clean LinkedIn account. You also want to share valuable content regarding your industry.

Your top sales performers can communicate with others on this platform, in addition to performing their own B2B prospecting. Sales training should include the appropriate use of LinkedIn, which includes both social selling and tech savvy sales advice.

When LinkedIn prospecting, it can also be valuable to share the content of others on LinkedIn, to build your connection to the network and the community.

Engaging With Potential Leads on LinkedIn

Engaging with leads one-on-one is easy with LinkedIn. Every time a lead is engaged it makes it more likely that they will eventually convert; this is what makes sales prospecting on LinkedIn so valuable.

  • Connect with as many leads as possible. You can improve sales performance by contacting those within your industry and starting a dialog directly. Look at decision makers within your industry and consider “cold calling” them by sending them a message.
  • Respond to messages quickly. When looking for information on your organization, it’s likely that leads will come to you. Make sure you respond to them quickly and give them a traditional call to action LinkedIn selling often has the goal of getting your connection to move off of LinkedIn as soon as possible, and into a phone call or email.
  • Have a clear call to action. Every time you connect with someone, give them the next step. Sales masters know how to direct leads appropriately so that they continue to engage.

Moving Prospects Off of LinkedIn

LinkedIn prospecting techniques are focused on procurement. Once leads have been procured, it’s important to move them off the platform towards email, phone, or instant messenger. This provides a more direct connection with prospects that will eventually lead to better engagement and superior conversion.

Customers can be directed to get more information, sign up for newsletters, requests quotes, or follow other social media pages. Getting a customer on the phone is often one of the most recommended sales tips, as that provides additional sales gravy for the representative.

In B2B sales, customers are often interested in finding as much information as possible. They want to establish a rapport with a business and connect with them on a personal and professional level. LinkedIn can help but it’s only the first step. MassMailer Prospector can help in capturing customers and moving them off of LinkedIn in preparation for conversion.