How to Increase Your Email Open Rate

June 14, 2017 | by

Are your emails going unread? If so, your email marketing campaign might as well not exist. An email marketing campaign isn’t about “spamming” your customers with emails: it’s about making sure that they have the information they need to further engage with your business. Because of that, it’s in your best interest to improve your email open rates.

Make Sure to Verify Your Email Addresses

When increasing your email open rate, your first step is to ensure that you aren’t talking to dead air. You can do this through two main actions: verifying email addresses on sign up, and making sure that you send emails quickly and consistently thereafter. This both establishes and continues a relationship with the customer — one that will hopefully continue to build. Verifying an email address doesn’t just make sure the customer is truly interested; it also protects from mistakes.

Get Your Scheduling Down

Your Salesforce email marketing campaign has to strike an important balance. You need to send enough emails that your list doesn’t forget about you — but not enough emails that they become frustrated and opt out altogether. Depending on your industry, it may be more appropriate to send an email once a week or once every few days. If you see a drop off in subscriptions, you’re probably emailing too often. Once you’ve nailed down a schedule, consistency becomes the most important aspect to your Salesforce email campaign. supports scheduling for just this reason.

Create a Compelling Subject Line

Customers will only see the subject line of an email when they’re deciding to click. Take advantage of the space: write a long, descriptive subject line that promises the reader something that they would be interested in. Deals, discounts, and even niche information can be used as a draw — just make sure that the body of the email actually offers what the subject line implies. Once you’ve broken trust with your contacts, it’s hard to rebuild. You can further improve your subject lines by customizing them to your customer. The Salesforce email solution can be used to send tailored messages out to individual clients.

Develop Your Buyer Personas and Demographics

You don’t need to send the same email out to every address on your Salesforce email contacts. Instead, split your customer base into specific personas and demographics, and send Salesforce email templates that match their interests and goals. This will make your Salesforce email campaign far more effective, as you’ll be speaking to a niche audience rather than a generalized email contact list. Through Salesforce, you should be able to draw from engagements, interest, and customer purchases, in order to create a fairly reliable persona.

Trigger Emails Upon Customer Actions

Finally, you can also trigger emails automatically upon customer actions, such as browsing a website but not making a purchase. By reacting in this way to the customer, you’re able to better anticipate their needs — and there’s no better way to increase your email open rate than to give your customer the information that they want.

Increasing an email open rate isn’t just about creating a more successful marketing campaign overall — it’s also about building customer relationships. As you build trust with your customers, they’ll become more willing to engage with your business and more trusting of your organization. This will build brand identity and reputation over time. is an all-in-one solution for all of your email marketing needs. Contact us today for a free trial.