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What Is Salesforce Marketing Cloud? What You Need to Know


According to a study done at ZHAW, 42% of the respondents in sales and marketing agree that marketing automation is poised to become an integral part of their employer’s digital strategy.

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud_

Businesses understand the benefits of marketing automation solutions today. It is no wonder that Salesforce Marketing Cloud has become one of the most popular choices for businesses.

With its all-encompassing features and robust platform, it lets you manage your marketing operations from A to Z.

Marketing Cloud opens up a new world of possibilities for your business, allowing you to stay agile and resilient throughout the shifting dynamics of the market.

Especially since this is the era where customers are the initiators and drivers of every brand interaction, relationship management has become more complex than before.

Traditional methods are no longer adequate. The technology and capacity that Salesforce Marketing Cloud brings help your business be better prepared to serve the customers well.

Benefits of Implementing Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows your business to view your customers in a new light, with their shopping habits and data gathered in one place. It helps you with automation and insights into data.

Listed below are the 5 major benefits of Marketing Cloud (Salesforce) that your business will enjoy:

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

1. Unparalleled Customer Insights

Marketing Cloud takes the “guess” away from your “work.” When it comes to making critical marketing decisions that directly concern your customers, you don’t need to rely on intuition anymore.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is an integration-friendly tool that lets you connect a multitude of devices, sources, and channels to it. This works to unify all the disparate customer data onto a single platform, giving you a comprehensive 360° view of your audience.

Additionally, you get access to first, second, and third-party data pertaining to your customers. Now, you can make data-backed and informed decisions.

2. Hyper-Personalization with Intelligent Technologies

A study conducted by Adobe found that 89% of marketers pegged a positive return on investment to adopting personalization in their campaigns. Many businesses have since improved their customer approach by creating customized campaigns based on cohorts.

Marketing Cloud Salesforce has an Einstein tool that lets you attach high-quality data and insights to each customer profile, enabling you to customize each campaign better.

You can now send targeted marketing communications to all your customers while viewing their association history with you.

3. Drive Engagement and Customer Satisfaction

Personalization isn’t the only factor that impacts your returns from implementing Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

The platform provides robust engagement and communication tools to keep your targeted audience engaged and interested in your brand and its products.

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Your business gets the tools to initiate two-way communication with your customers in real time, supported by cross-channel capabilities.

This significantly enhances the engagement and satisfaction levels of your customers. It helps them enjoy a seamless customer journey throughout your pipelines.

4. Campaign Measurement and Management

Effort is only meaningful when it is quantified and compared against targets and goals. This helps give it direction and prevent resource wastage.

Using the analytics tools included or plugged into your Marketing Cloud Salesforce, you can measure your North Star metrics and all the relevant KPIs that matter to your goals and objectives.

Marketing Cloud also eliminates the need for guesswork by equipping you with necessary predictions and projections that help you make critical decisions with real-time data, reports, and insights.

5. Customize and Control Customer Journeys

Consider this scenario:

Your business has a class of customers that shop with you exclusively during the times of sale. In order to ensure that these customers check out every sale and offer on your website, you need to customize the communications to them with updates on ongoing offers and upcoming sales.

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

This is where Salesforce Marketing Cloud works wonders. It helps you create cohorts with customized labels and categorization that helps you isolate such behaviors and develop specific, targeted customer journeys for them.

You can even personalize the marketing content you send these customers. The platform gives you complete control over your customer journey.

The best part is that Marketing Cloud lets you plug in bulk marketing software like MassMailer to facilitate mass emails for personalized campaigning.

What are You Signing Up For?

With Marketing Cloud Salesforce, you get the full package of marketing tools that let you control your marketing ecosphere from A to Z.

Marketing Cloud Salesforce Studios

Salesforce Marketing Cloud houses multiple “Studios” (modules) that enable a variety of functionalities for your business. Let’s see what they are:

  • Email Studio – All your email-based campaigns are managed through this module of Marketing Cloud.
  • Social Studio – If your business has operations on social media, you can use this module to convert your social media audience into leads through targeted campaigns.
  • Mobile Studio – You can manage your campaigns on all the marketing channels that exist purely on mobile phones, like SMS, instant messaging, and more.
  • Audience Studio – This module lets you collect consumer data from disparate channels and unify it in a single interface.
  • Interaction Studio – As the name suggests, it lets you initiate interactions with your customers on any channel and help visualize their experience in real time.
  • Data Studio – The most valuable module of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, this tool lets you discover audiences, gather their data, and peruse it.
  • Advertising Studio – This tool has everything you need to create and run an advertising campaign.

Other Functionalities

Aside from the core modules that Marketing Cloud provides you, you also get access to the following functionalities:

  • Journey Builder – This tool helps you customize customer journeys or create them from scratch.
  • Datorama – As the name suggests, this is the dashboard where you can view all your marketing data in one place.
  • Google Analytics 360 – This tool developed by Google is included as part of Marketing Cloud Salesforce to allow you to derive insights from the data you gather.
  • Pardot – This robust B2B tool helps you nurture your leads and manage them for longer sales cycles.

Wrapping Up

There is a reason why Salesforce was named the #1 CRM in the world. The completeness of its solutions helps significantly in improving marketing and sales operations. Your business can automate a lot many marketing processes, like sending emails.

For bulk email campaigns, you can plug in MassMailer to Salesforce and immensely enhance the customization capabilities for all emails. MassMailer is Salesforce native and doesn’t take any effort to integrate.

To know more about MassMailer and begin your free trial, visit this page.