With over 400 email marketing software available in the market, finding the one that best fits your budget and unique business needs can be a cumbersome task.

ActiveCampaign is one of the best options in the marketing automation software space that offers affordable pricing while also giving a range of features such as email marketing, CRM tools, and powerful marketing automation tools to help you boost engagement in your audience.

But what about the ActiveCampaign pricing?

In this comprehensive ActiveCampaign pricing guide, we cover all the pricing information and plan details you need to know about the CRM to help you choose the right plan.

Which Pricing Plans Are Available With ActiveCampaign CRM?

When it comes to the ActiveCampaign cost, there are 4 different plans to choose from:

  • Lite Plan

  • Plus Plan

  • Professional Plan

  • Enterprise Plan

The cost of each of these plans varies based on factors such as the number of contacts, the specific features you need, and whether you need to go with an annual or monthly billing plan.

The details of the 4 options available with ActiveCampaign plans are as follows.

1. Lite Plan

ActiveCampaign’s Lite plan starts at $15 per month for a minimum of 500 email contacts. Further, based on the number of contacts you require, the price will vary.

What does ActiveCampaign’s Lite plan offer?

ActiveCampaign’s Lite pricing plan works well for teams and businesses that are smaller in size as it supports up to 3 users.

The features of the Lite pricing plan include the following.

  • Email marketing
  • Marketing automation
  • Segmented outreach
  • Easy sending of newsletters
  • Robust support, including live chat and email-based support
  • In-depth reporting

2. Plus Plan

ActiveCampaign’s Plus pricing plan starts at $70 per month for 500 contacts and can go up to $399 for 25,000 contacts. The plan supports up to 25 users.

What does ActiveCampaign’s Plus plan offer?

ActiveCampaign’s Plus plan is more suitable for larger businesses that require a more heavy-duty CRM to manage customer relationships.

The features of the Plus pricing plan include the following (other than all elements of the Lite plan):

  • Built-in CRM with Sales Automation
  • Robust SMS marketing
  • Contact scoring
  • Various social media tools and integrations
  • Facebook custom audience

Apart from these, the plan also offers 1-to-1 training if you wish to get the most out of the platform’s automation feature.

3. Professional Plan

This is the most preferred and popular ActiveCampaign plan. The plan starts at $159 per month for almost 500 contacts and needs users to pay $599 or more for 25,000+ contacts.

What does ActiveCampaign’s Professional plan offer?

Although the plan comes at a price tag of  $159 per month, which is considerably high than other plans, it allows you to do everything from assigning up to 50 users, personalizing the message content based on user behavior, and analyzing conversion metrics in detail.

The features of the Professional pricing plan include the following (other than all elements of the Lite and Plus plans):

  • Complete website personalization
  • Customized product experiences
  • Marketing attribution
  • Powerful conversion reporting

4. Enterprise Plan

This is the most expensive plan that begins at $279 per month for 500 contacts and costs around $499 for 10,000+ contacts.

What does ActiveCampaign’s Enterprise plan offer?

Large organizations with big budgets mostly prefer the enterprise plan as it comes with several advanced functionalities. These include unlimited contacts/user accounts and several other advanced features, such as the ability to customize your email domain.

The features of the Enterprise pricing plan include the following (other than all elements of previous plans):

  • Custom reporting for marketing

  • Social data enrichment

  • Custom domain

  • Dedicated account representative

  • Unlimited email design testing

Summary of ActiveCampaign Pricing and Features

Price of number of contacts per month Lite plan Plus plan Professional plan Enterprise plan
500 $15 $70 $159 $279
5000 $99 $169 $239 $449
25000 $259 $399 $599 custom pricing
50000 $345 custom pricing custom pricing

ActiveCampaign Bundle Pricing

The platform has recently split its various features into two separate plans -Marketing and Sales, where users can purchase these plans either separately or together as a bundle.

For Marketing, there are four plans available, as discussed below.

  • Lite (starting from $39/month)
  • Plus (starting from $70/month)
  • Professional (starting from $159/month)
  • Enterprise (starting  from $279/month)

For Sales, you can choose between the below plans.

  • Plus (starting from $19/month)
  • Professional (starting from $49/month)
  • Enterprise plan (custom pricing)

It is important to note that ActiveCampaign does not offer any free plan. However, there is an option available for a free trial for 14 days without paying anything.

Does ActiveCampaign CRM give a discount on its pricing?

Yes, ActiveCampaign offers a decent 25% discount on its yearly pricing plans. This makes the ActiveCampaign cost very competitive compared to other popular marketing automation systems.

In Conclusion

ActiveCampaign is one of the most popular email marketing tools for businesses of various sizes. The platform offers an excellent experience with features such as automation, support, and detail. Picking the right one out of the platform’s four pricing plans is a constant struggle for customers.

In this post, we have discussed the detailed breakdown of ActiveCampaign plans and prices to help you make an informed choice.

Overall, the ActiveCampaign pricing model is an excellent combination of the features you want and the subscriber list size. For instance, ActiveCampaign’s Lite plan is best suited for smaller senders with a subscriber of up to 2,500 subscribers.

However, if you are looking for ActiveCampaign alternatives, MassMailer ranks higher in terms of pricing as well as usability. It is an excellent solution for Salesforce CRM users and is ideal for eliminating Salesforce CRM email limitations when sending mass emails.

Apart from this, the MassMailer platform also allows you to verify emails for validity to increase your overall campaign performance.

To know more about MassMailer, get on a free trial today.