In a recent shake-up within the tech industry, Denise Dresser, a long-time Salesforce executive and president of Accelerated Services, was appointed CEO of Slack. This happened after Lidiane Jones, the then-CEO, stepped down from the position and moved on to a new position as the CEO of Bumble, a well-known dating app.

Denise Dresser is the New Slack CEO

This appointment marks a pivotal moment for Slack and its parent company, Salesforce. This transition has sparked intrigue and speculation, prompting questions about Dresser’s background, her vision for Slack, and the implications of this change for both Slack and its parent company, Salesforce. 

This article will explore what this means for Slack and the potential shifts it will lead to in the communication and collaboration tool. From Dresser’s professional journey to Slack’s trajectory under the umbrella of Salesforce, there’s much to explore and uncover.

What Does This Mean for Salesforce?

If you are wondering why a Salesforce executive would be appointed CEO of Slack, you may have missed a vital piece of information. Salesforce, a global leader in customer relationship management (CRM) software, acquired Slack in 2020, aiming to integrate its collaboration tools seamlessly into Salesforce’s suite of business solutions.

As Marc Benioff, Chair and CEO of Salesforce, puts it, “We couldn’t be more excited to have Slack as part of the Salesforce family, combining the #1 CRM and the trailblazing digital platform for the work anywhere world.”

As a subsidiary of Salesforce, Slack’s leadership transition undoubtedly has implications for its parent company. With Denise Dresser now at the helm, the dynamics of this integration and Salesforce’s broader strategy are poised for potential shifts.

One key area where Salesforce and Slack intersect is digital workplace transformation. Slack is known for its messaging, collaboration, and productivity features, complementing Salesforce’s focus on empowering teams to work more efficiently and collaboratively.

By leveraging Slack’s capabilities, Salesforce aims to enhance communication and collaboration among its users, driving greater productivity and innovation across organizations.

Who is Denise Dresser?


 Denise Dresser


To truly understand the significance of Denise Dresser’s appointment as the new CEO of Slack, let us delve into her background and professional journey. Dresser brings with her a wealth of experience and expertise in the technology sector, making her a formidable leader poised to steer Slack toward continued success.

Prior to assuming the role of CEO at Slack, Dresser held key positions at Salesforce, where she played a pivotal role in shaping the company’s growth and innovation strategies. During her tenure at Salesforce, Dresser demonstrated her leadership prowess and strategic vision, driving initiatives to enhance customer engagement, expand market reach, and optimize operational efficiency.


Her deep understanding of Salesforce’s ecosystem and customer-centric approach positioned her as a trusted leader within the organization, earning her accolades and recognition from peers and industry experts alike.

Her appointment as Slack’s CEO brings a fresh perspective and leadership to the recently acquired messaging platform. Dresser’s background in technology and leadership roles at Salesforce positions her well to navigate the complexities of this integration and drive alignment between Slack’s platform and Salesforce’s broader ecosystem of products and services.

Furthermore, Dresser’s tenure at Salesforce provides her with valuable insights into Salesforce customers’ needs and preferences, which can inform Slack’s product development and go-to-market strategies.

Marc Benioff describes Denise as “an incredible business leader and champion of Salesforce customer success and innovation.”

How Slack Has Fared Under Big CRM?

Slack’s journey under the umbrella of Salesforce, a behemoth in the CRM space, has been one of strategic alignment, innovation, and collaboration. It hasn’t been an easy acquisition, as Denise is only the third CEO appointed at Slack in under two years.

These continuous leadership shifts and the host of challenges from users and stakeholders alike have not been easy for either company.

For starters, since its acquisition, Slack has undergone several shifts, most notably integrations with Salesforce, to allow seamless alignment between the two platforms. The whole exercise is to create a unified ecosystem for customer engagement and collaboration, with Slack being the communication tool of choice that can easily integrate this data into Salesforce’s CRM.

This will give users a holistic solution for managing customer relationships, sales, and engagement. With the additional data points about their leads and customers, businesses can leverage it to drive more meaningful and tailored email campaigns, helping drive business outcomes more effectively.

Under Denise’s leadership, Slack is poised to capitalize on its integration with Salesforce and further solidify its position as a leader in the collaboration software market. Dresser’s deep understanding of Salesforce’s ecosystem and customer-centric approach will undoubtedly drive continued innovation and value creation for Slack’s customers.


Denise Dresser’s appointment as Slack’s new CEO marks a significant milestone in the company’s evolution and sets the stage for an exciting new chapter of growth and innovation. Dresser’s extensive experience in technology and leadership roles, coupled with Slack’s integration with Salesforce, makes the company well-positioned to capitalize on emerging opportunities and drive value for customers in the digital age.

Looking ahead, Slack’s opportunities are boundless. With Dresser at the helm, the company is poised to capitalize on its strengths, navigate challenges, and drive sustainable growth in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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