Did you know that for every $1 you spend in email marketing, you can get an average return of $36? That is why up to 87 percent of marketers use email marketing for their content. For businesses, small or large, it is easy to see how investing in email marketing campaigns can pay off. But how can you make your mass email marketing campaign really take off and earn you the attention and revenue you need?

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Let us look at some crucial tips for running a successful email marketing campaign.

1. Time Your Mass Email

Sending your mass mail as soon as it is ready is not the wisest strategy but it is something that many small businesses make the mistake of doing. There are specific days and times when potential customers are likelier to open an email from a business. Monday through Wednesday are better and more people tend to open emails around mid-day as they have their lunch.

There are other considerations to have that pertain specifically to your own business. If you know that your business sells more over the weekend, then sending a mass email campaign containing a coupon early Saturday, for example, can be a great strategy.

Look at your data to see when the best open rates are for previous campaigns and adjust accordingly.

2. Striking Subject Line

Your email’s subject line is the first thing the potential customer reads and you want it to entice them to open the email. No matter how great the content of the email you send is, if no one opens it, it is worthless.

Think of the subject line like a book cover and make it striking enough that the person will want to read more.

One strategy that is effective is stating in the subject line what you are offering the reader. Are you including a coupon in the email? Mention it in the subject line. You can also ask a question.

Be careful of using words that will send your email to the SPAM folder and avoid cliched sales techniques like claiming limited supplies so the customer will “hurry and buy”.

3. Choose the Right Bulk Email Service

You want the mass email service provider you choose to be able to offer data so you can learn information on each campaign you send out. Look for a service with a performance dashboard that will provide data on the open rate, click-through rate, SPAM reports, bounce rates, unsubscribes, and much more.

You also want to have the option of sending unlimited emails, as well as being able to clone and modify past campaigns to avoid having to start from scratch each time. The bulk email service should also let you save and edit templates, offering information on which templates you have used to ensure you do not send the same one twice.

4. Design Matters

Your email content may be fantastic but if it is hard to read or if it just does not look good, most people will not bother with it. The design should be attractive but it should also not overwhelm the reader.

Keep the design simple. You want the email to look great across many different platforms and the more complex the design is, the less you will succeed.

Since you have a limited amount of time before the reader’s attention wanders, you do not want them to have to struggle to read the email. If it loads too slowly, if it gets flagged for SPAM, or if it forces them to click on other links, the reader will likely not engage with the email.

5. Have a Purpose

Each mass email marketing campaign you begin should have a single purpose. Trying to do too much with an email will confuse the reader and likely bore them.

If you are offering a coupon, focus on that coupon and do not include mentions of upcoming discounts or other business news. You want to earn the reader’s trust so they will open other emails from you in the future.

6. Be Selective With Images

Most people know that images tend to grab attention more efficiently than words, but when sending a mass email, you want to be selective with the images you choose. Most people will open emails on their phones or tablets, where the number of images they can see at one time is limited.

If the email content is too heavy, it can end up flagged and sent to the SPAM folder. Choose the images that are most relevant and which can get the purpose of the email across. Tag the images correctly, as well, and optimize your images before adding them.

A good way of thinking about this is to focus on content. Would you be able to send this email without any images at all and still get the reader’s attention? If not, the content is just not strong enough.

You do not want to rely on images when there are many email viewing programs that disable images or cannot display images at all.

7. Be Concise

Even if the person reading the email is truly interested in what you are saying, making the content too long will likely force them to set the email aside to read later. “Later” rarely happens.

You want the reader, even if they are engaged doing something else, to be able to get the entire content of your email at once. Avoid big blocks of text and use strategic words in headings to give the person an overview of what you want to communicate as they skim.

Trust a Great Mass Mail Service

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