In a previous post, we compared MassMailer with iContact, Vertical Response, and MailChimp to see how they stack up against each other as a mass email solution for Salesforce. In this post, we compare MassMailer with three more options and see if it still has an edge when it comes to mass emailing with Salesforce.

Here’s a detailed comparison of the four mass email tools:

Features MassMailer Aweber Constant Contact dotmailer
Supported Salesforce Editions Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer, Performance Enterprise or Unlimited Group, Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer, Performance Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer, Performance
Campaign Support Yes No Yes No
Mass Stay-in-touch Yes No No No
Mass Email Wizard (Mass Emails) Yes (User,lead contact) no ( Supports Leads and contacts) No Yes (Supports contact)
Schedule One-off (Single Email) Yes (account,lead contact) No No No
Sender option Write your own, Record Owner, Loggedin User, Global Sender NA Write Your Own Yes
Reason for email events e.g, bounced Yes No No No
Statistics (Tracking clicks , responses from users) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Comparison With other mass emails sent Yes No No No
Merge Fields support e.g, {contact.firstname} Yes NA No Yes
Email templates & images Relies on Salesforce templates created by the user Yes Yes Yes
Social Sharing  No No No No
Viewed on Social Media No No No No
Mass Email – Send Now Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mass Email – Schedule Yes Yes Yes Yes
Smart Rich Text Editor for Email Body Rich Text Editor provided by Salesforce NA Smart Rich Text Editor Smart rich text editor
Log email activity history Yes No No No
Use standard Salesforce template Yes NA No No
Dashboard and reports Both Dashboard Dashboard Dashboard
Real-time update of stats in Salesforce Yes No Yes Yes

From the table, you’ll notice that the most important features are placed right at the top. And this is where it becomes apparent how each tool compares with the other. First, looking at which edition of Salesforce is supported by each tool, AWeber comes short of the others by supporting only two editions. Next, Salesforce Campaign support is available only in MassMailer and Constant Contact. And if you need to send mass stay-in-touch emails, an important feature if you want to maintain the quality of your email lists, MassMailer trumps the competition. [Read more about mass stay-in-touch]

From these few key features, it seems like MassMailer has an edge over the other tools. This becomes clear when you explore the entire list of features. MassMailer is the easiest to use with a mass email wizard. It’s the most customizable with multiple Sender options, and the ability to merge fields. And finally, it gives users the most insight into their campaigns by showing a reason for email events like bounces, allowing users to create custom reports, view logs of their email activity, and it even view real-time email stats on their mass email campaigns.

As a Salesforce user, you want your mass email app to be powerful with a long list of features, at the same time, you want it to seamlessly integrate with Salesforce. This comparison shows that MassMailer is the tool that comes closest to delivering this Salesforce-like experience, and is the most comprehensive Salesforce mass email solution out there. If you’d like to see for yourself what it’s capable of, visit the MassMailer listing on AppExchange to get started with a free trial account today.