The effectiveness of your Salesforce implementation depends on the quality of your database. An accurate and up-to-date database ensures your outreach campaigns reach your prospects and customers, and increases the chances of generating sales. However, your customers’ contact details invariably become outdated with time. MassMailer email Stay-in-Touch feature is a great way to keep your contact database up to date.

It works by sending an email to your contacts, notifying them of their existing contact details in your system, and prompts them to update these details if there are any changes. The best part of this feature is that you don’t need to type anything, and can send out a Stay-in-Touch email with just a few clicks. This works really well if you intend to update the contact details of just a couple of contacts. However, most times, you’ll want to send Stay-in-Touch emails to your entire contact list, or at least a large sub-section of your contacts. Salesforce has stopped supporting their native Stay-in-Touch feature.

If you have an email database of of your customers, which is the case for almost all businesses, this limitation of Salesforce will make it very difficult for you to maintain a fresh contact list. You need a solution that lets you send Stay-in-Touch emails without having to worry about the number of customer email IDs in your database. Good news is that MassMailer, a powerful email plugin for Salesforce now lets you send mass Stay-in-Touch emails to an unlimited number of email IDs.

A simple wizard lets you create a new Stay-in-Touch email template, or use a previous template. You can add additional standard fields like ‘Language’ or ‘Lead source’, and even add custom fields that are relevant to your business. Here’s a video walk through that shows how to create and send out a Stay-in-Touch email using MassMailer:

MassMailer also has powerful features that allow you to schedule emails for later, track opens and clicks, and monitor which templates perform best. It’s an essential tool to supercharge your Salesforce email outreach efforts.

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