Each new software or app has its own learning curve. The better features and functionalities require a little finetuning before the product can work how you want it to.

MassMailer Admin Essentials Troubleshooting Tips

With this in mind, MassMailer approaches its clients with a bag full of handy tips and tricks and troubleshooting techniques that will help them self-resolve several common issues and queries.

This blog focuses on assisting you to navigate features like templates, email actions, installation, setup, upgrades, user permissions, and much more. Before you reach for assistance, try out the tips in this blog to see if your problems can be solved.

Installation and Setup

For those of you who are still installing MassMailer, you will be prompted by the installation wizard to enable a legacy Salesforce feature called Ideas. Although it has no bearing on MassMailer functions today, there is no way around it because it is a legacy feature.

You can enable it by clicking on Salesforce Ideas, then going to Ideas Settings and Enable Ideas.

Having your site defined before you begin setup is also important. You can do that in Salesforce Setup and navigate to Sites. When prompted, create your site.

Additionally, some components and features in Salesforce Lightning require that you set up your My Domain for them to work properly. Therefore, before installation, you should also set up and deploy My Domain.

MassMailer Upgrades

You need to upgrade your MassMailer as soon as you get the email notification because the platform does not support older versions. It is recommended that you go to MassMailer Sandbox to execute the upgrade to prevent its impact on production modules should anything go wrong.

Once the upgrade is done, go to MassMailer Setup and press Finish. It helps MassMailer run several scripts for confirmation and verification.

MassMailer pushes the bug fixes directly to the environment, so you don’t have to wait for upgrades.

Process Builder and Flow Integration

Problems in process builder and flow integration are typically more a result of human error than an app problem.

When working with templates in process builder, it is important to know that Sandbox Template IDs differ from Production IDs. Type the correct template ID in the email alert definition. Additionally, you must ensure the Template Folder remains accessible to all users for any emails to go out.

Another human error occurs when users type the recipient’s name in the From Address field, which returns an error. The From Address field accepts valid email addresses only.

User Permissions in MassMailer

There are two types of users in MassMailer: MassMailer User and Non-MassMailer User.

For the MassMailer User, you must ascertain that they have access to the ‘Modify Metadata Through Metadata Api Functions’ permission for Process Builder/Flow.

The Non-MassMailer User must be given the corresponding set of permissions for the Process Builder/Flow to work properly.

Verification and Validation, Email Actions

MassMailer email validation works best when you have enough credits for this action.

Additionally, it is mandatory in MassMailer to have at least one Guest User. For this MassMailer Guest User, you must enable read-only user access for the MassMailer Verify feature to work. Two more features depend on this access:

  • View email in the browser feature
  • Reply to email through the browser window feature

Templates and Template Builder

All the users on MassMailer should have access to the Template Folder for them to be able to use these templates.

To improve email deliverability, you should specify TEXT and HTML-based content for all your email templates. Deliverability also depends on whether or not you test the template for its deliverability score.

Another useful tip is to ensure the media URLs appended in the templates are publicly available.

One of the most common problems users face with Template Builder is that the Editor doesn’t load. This can happen because your firewall may block the Template Builder. In addition to the firewall, you must also enable JavaScript and pop-ups for the Template Builder to work.

If it still doesn’t work, check whether any browser plugins may be blocking Template Builder. This should solve the issue.

Email Deliverability and Suppressions

Many companies use multiple domains to send emails from. To ensure better deliverability, it is essential to ensure that the domain is authenticated. Deliverability impacts the reputation of your IP and domain – that is why you should ensure that the bounce rate is under 2%.

The MassMailer Email Monitor tool allows you to monitor your domain and IP for blacklists to ensure that deliverability remains in the good metrics. It looks at various aspects of the email like structure, layout, links, etc., and provides you with a detailed report on the problems, and also instructs you with the solution.

If you have imported your email lists from another ESP, it is essential to import email suppressions to stay compliant with mandates, laws, and regulations. You can do that in MassMailer Suppressions.

Session and Remote Site Settings

If you are facing frequent session errors, check Session Settings in Salesforce Setup to ensure that the following are disabled:

  • Lock sessions to the IP address where they originated.
  • Lock session to the domain where they are first used.
  • Activate clickjack protection for customer Visualforce pages using standard headers.
  • Activate clickjack protection for customer Visualforce pages with disabled headers.

To troubleshoot for remote site errors, ensure you have added your remote site to Remote Site Settings in Salesforce Setup.


Complete guide on MassMailer Admin Essentials Troubleshooting Tips


The first caveat of using Sandbox is never to use a Production level SendGrid account in the Sandbox. This may invalidate the configuration or setting in your Production level environments.

You can go ahead and purchase the Sandbox plan in MassMailer. MassMailer provides a Sandbox credential that can be reused in any other Sandbox environment.

Wrapping Up

Knowing how to make the best use of your enterprise software helps you drive efficiencies up and make processes more meaningful. Leverage these handy tips and tricks to easily troubleshoot common administration-related queries in MassMailer.

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