Email marketing can grow your business 40X, but only if you master it.

To reach their customers further, marketers are concentrating on new ways of marketing like live streaming, social media, webinars, etc.

These new ways of communication are essential, but they shouldn’t make you overlook email marketing.

It is still the most productive marketing strategy with over 4000% ROI ($42 for $1 spent). The effective ROI makes email strategy a critical part of a successful digital marketing campaign. With over 4 billion active email users, it has immense potential for business growth.

Here are email marketing tricks you can use to maximize its ROI on your business.

E-Mail Marketing Tips to Maximize ROI

1. Prioritize Engagement

Most marketing teams use an email strategy to increase sales. But, it shouldn’t overshadow the critical role of email marketing-building relationships.

People join your email list to learn more about your business. They’re not necessarily there to buy your solutions. So, engage with them and let them know about your solutions.

A digital marketing leader states that quality engagement is crucial in boosting positive outcomes of email marketing campaigns in the long run. It can help shore up a customer’s lifetime value. Since it is more costly to acquire a new client than to keep one, you can leverage quality engagement to drive growth from existing clients.

2. Embrace the Double Opens Approach

Low email open rates will derail your email campaigns. The success of your campaign and business thus depends on enhancing the open email rates.

You can avoid low open rates by adopting the double opens approach. It involves resending a previously unopened email using a new and different subject line.

If you send people emails for the first time, 70% of recipients will not be open them. Resending the same email to these groups can help improve your campaign outcomes.

But, you can’t use the same approach and expect different results! Instead, use the double opens strategy by:

  • Curating better and captivating subject lines to persuade non-email openers to act.
  • Rewriting and perfecting your preheader.
  • Timing your re-send time well, 3-5 days after sending the unopened emails.

3. Test Your Email Campaigns

Testing will allow you to take the guesswork out of your email campaigns. You can improve your campaigns through regular A/B testing.

You’ll quickly pick patterns that resonate with your audience as you test more. Hence, you can adjust your strategy appropriately to work best and appeal to your audience.

So, before trying anything new, split your audience and gauge how different groups react to it. Consider the following variables in your regular testing.

  • Subject line
  • Preheader/Preview text
  • Email Content
  • Call-to-Action

Test each variable at a time and track performance. Discard what doesn’t work and integrate what does.

Don’t rely heavily on your opinion and gut. Use verifiable data in your email marketing strategy decisions.

4. Use Curiosity Gap

Also known as cliffhangers, this approach teases your reader with some hints of what to expect. But, it doesn’t drop all the answers away, creating anticipation that compels them to read along.

The technique applies to a subject line and other digital marketing strategies like social media marketing and PPC services.

Here is an example of a curiosity gap, “The secret to ultimate passive income…”

Accompanying these subject lines by an ellipsis will compel your reader to open the email. Hence, cliffhangers are also suitable for increasing your email open rates.

But, be cautious with the technique. Overusing it can be annoying to your subscribers and may get you into their spam folder.

5. Control the Frequency & Volume of Your Emails

After strange senders, over-emailing is the second leading factor for marking an email as spam. It is common across other channels too.

Every recipient has limits on messages they can take from you. Cross the line and you’ll face the consequence (spam folder). The spam folder is bad for email marketing ROI.

You can avoid over-emailing through frequency capping. It involves setting a certain amount of mails to be sent within a specific time. Controlling your email frequency will keep you off the spam folder and improve the ROI.

Another way of avoiding the spam folder and improving the email open rate is by effectively timing your email. It is not advisable to send them on weekend. It’s better to conduct split research to better grasp the best timing to mail your audience mails.

Getting email timing and frequency right wins you half the battle.

6. Segment Your Email Lists For Better Result

Sending the same email to everyone in your email list will make your content irrelevant to most of them. It leads to poor low-quality relationships and unsubscriptions that negatively affect your short and long-term business goals.

But, segmentation allows you to nurse quality relationships by grouping customers with similar attributes together. As a result, you may have different groups within your email list. Segmenting your email list provides leverage in two ways.

  • Develop your customer journeys for every group.
  • Curate personalized content for each segment.

As a result, your campaigns will build deeper relations and customer trust. You’ll be able to engage with customers based on the product or service they signed up for correctly. Hence, it improves your efficiency and improves email marketing ROI.

Personalization is extremely critical for a successful strategy. But, it is more than just addressing your recipients by their names. All relationships are different. Make sure that you appeal to each of your customer’s passions and interests.

7. Make Your Subject Line Mobile Responsive

Over 50% of emails are accessed through mobile devices. You no longer have space for long subject lines.

You’ll have to chop your subject line to make it mobile responsive. But, you’ll need more than concise subject lines to drive successful mobile email campaigns. Consider using the following in your subject lines.

  • Symbols & emojis
  • Personalization
  • Creative lines

But, short and enticing content does not only apply to your subject line only.

8. Create Concise and Short Copy

Your email copy should be brief and captivating too. The preheader and main email copy are as important as the subject line.

Keeping the preheader captivating and enticing enhances your email open rates. Consider the following preheader tips.

  • Keep it brief and enticing
  • Curate it creatively
  • Use it as a complement or supplement to your subject line.

Every word and sentence should have a clear and profound purpose; if not, discard it. The standard practice for both preheader and main email copy is highlighted;

  • Keep paragraphs below three sentences and sentences below 25 words.
  • Maintain an average of 20 characters for subject lines.

But, it would be prudent if you do a split test on these to test the validity and see what works for your audience.

However, longer subject lines and email copy may negatively affect your mobile email campaigns.

9. Curate Creative and Contextual CTAs

Your hooking subject line and a compelling email copy can be useless if the CTA is not persuasive.

Go beyond generic CTAs to craft hooky, convincing, and interesting ones that push a reader to act. Consider the following tips for better CTA crafting.

  • Descriptive. Let it briefly capture your solution or offer.
  • Simple. Make it easy and simple to act on.
  • Conspicuous. Ensure the readers can not afford to ignore it.

10. Adapt With Changes

Keep tabs on new development in email marketing techniques to maximize your efforts. For instance, you can embrace automation to improve your campaign with the least effort.

As a result, you can refocus the time saved from doing repetitive email marketing processes manually to more valuable aspects of email marketing strategy. There are numerous email automation service providers you can choose from.

Another great change is mobile email marketing. It grew by over 50%, with an over 60% chance of directly generating web traffic.

It implies that mobile marketing will be a hot trend for SEO, and other digital marketing elements. Here are some additional email marketing tips to enhance your SEO services.

Email Marketing Tips to Enhance Your SEO

1. Let Your Website Have All Your Email Content

Keep your email content like blog, vlogs, articles, etc., to your website. In most cases, people are more likely to search for your content online after briefly going through them in the email copy. They’re likely to go to their search engine instead of their email inbox to look for the content.

They’ll use keywords to find the content on their search engines. As a result, you should include your content keywords on the email copy too. Insert the right keywords creatively and naturally in your brief, captivating email copy. It’ll make it easy for readers to search for the content.

2. Have Social Media Links in Your Email Copy

Having social buttons on your email copy helps your readers share the information easily with their followers and friends. As a result, shared email content can positively impact your SEO services in two ways.

  • Driving organic social media engagement.
  • Creating search traffic via social media exposure to your social networks and website.

Hence, tap into the multiplier effect of email copy with social media links to enhance social media engagement and drive traffic.

3. Use A/B Testing for SEO Keywords

As mentioned earlier, testing eliminates guesswork out of marketing. After generating specific SEO keywords you wish to try out, you can verify their efficacy through split testing.

Using various versions of an email copy will enable you to track its performance. Additionally, it allows you to gauge the SEO keywords.

You can analyze the SEO keywords deeply to determine the most effective ones and use them for better performance.

4. Use Email Marketing Survey to Improve on Content

Google prioritizes improving the user experience. They accomplish this by displaying the most relevant results to the user’s query. To deliver the most suitable material to a searcher’s query, you must first determine the query’s purpose.

You can achieve this by using email marketing. You only need to create and share a survey with your email list. The survey questions should include your audience’s desires, worries, challenges, and other concerns about the topic.

You’ll be able to figure out their opinions based on their responses. After that, you can produce an article answering the questions that the bulk of your email list offered.

5. Use Email Marketing To Improve Online Reviews

You can use your email campaigns to implore customers to provide online reviews to enhance your SEO services. If you’re wondering how to improve SEO, especially local SEO for your business, leveraging positive online reviews can help partly. Online reviews are a critical determinant for local SEO.

More customers evaluate online reviews before deciding to purchase. More reviews mean a higher chance of getting a new business. Besides, it helps showcase your credibility as a trustworthy business in the local area. They are invaluable in driving both traffic and sales.

So, you can use creative email copy to get your email list to post online reviews on Google and other third-party online review sites. Additionally, evaluating published online reviews can provide incredible insights into what your customers love and hate about you.

Besides, you can incorporate these insights for improvement.

6. Leverage Email Marketing Automation to Generate Traffic

Email automation will enable every new subscriber to read your best content without you having to do anything manually, courtesy of email automation.

Such automated handling provides you with a continuous traffic flow that grows in line with the expansion of your list. Google will begin ranking your page higher in search engine results if it recognizes this rise in active traffic.

The higher ranking occurs because Google will notice that your website’s visitors get what they’re searching for.

Align Email Campaign with Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Overall, your email marketing strategy complements and supplements other digital marketing aspects. For instance, leveraging mobile email marketing needs you to optimize your content and website. Your web design must be mobile-friendly too.

Besides, you should ensure that your website does not crash during high traffic by seeking robust hosting solutions like Google cloud hosting. Collectively, it’ll make email marketing efficient besides driving your overall digital marketing strategy, including PPC management.

If you find email marketing and its alignment daunting, choose a digital marketing agency to help you.

Take Away

Email marketing has a high ROI if you have great mastery. If not, remember to direct your emails to what the audience wants. Make sure your email campaigns are short, creative, compelling, well-timed, and mobile-friendly.

Additionally, align your email campaigns with other strategies like SEO services for better overall digital marketing performance.

Stick to these tips, and you’ll maximize your email marketing ROI.