Creating an email marketing campaign isn’t just about sending emails and waiting for responses. It’s also about monitoring and curating your email lists. Active, engaged customers are what your email marketing campaign needs, but not inactive and abandoned email accounts. MassMailer let’s you reduce email bounce rate by verifying emails even before sending email campaigns in Salesforce.

How to reduce email bounce rate

How to reduce email bounce rate by verifying email addresses?

How many of the email addresses on your list are active email addresses? If you don’t know, then you don’t know how effective your email marketing truly is or how many consumers you’re reaching out to. Customers today may have multiple email addresses, and they may change email addresses when they get new jobs, graduate from college, or simply start getting too much spam.

62% of consumers have abandoned email addresses because they received too many emails. Imagine a situation in which you’re sending bulk email from Salesforce and getting responses from only 4% of your customers. That might seem ineffective… until you discover that 50% of those email addresses are no longer active. Suddenly, you’ve boosted your campaign Salesforce engagement rate to an impressive 8%.

It’s not always possible to verify all of the email addresses on your list, but it’s a good idea to regularly clean your list for email addresses that you know are inactive.

Methods for Verifying Email Addresses

Verify email addresses upon sign up. You can start your campaigns in Salesforce with a two-step opt-in, by requiring customers to verify their email addresses when they begin. There are only two downsides: it requires additional work on behalf of the customer and the customer could later abandon the email account.

Check for downloaded content. You can confirm that your email has been received by detecting whether it’s been opened. When someone opens your email, they usually need to downloaded the content included in the email — and that means that a connection to your server is established. Unfortunately, this doesn’t count emails that are received and not opened. This is the method used most often when sending bulk email from Salesforce CRM.

Logging bounced emails. When email accounts are incorrect, the server will often “bounce” the email back to you. By logging bounced emails, you can remove incorrect email addresses from your list. However, this will not help you identify emails that are received to valid but no longer active email accounts. In email marketing for Salesforce, this is usually the simplest way to verify emails.

Verifying Email Addresses With MassMailer Email Verifier

Understandably, it can be difficult to manage email lists that contain thousands upon thousands of emails. Bulk Salesforce CRM email solution providers usually seek to automate the process of email validation. MassMailer’s Email verification feature can reduce bounce rates by up to 98%, by both identifying and removing invalid emails.

Email verification is only one of the benefits of using MassMailer for email marketing. If you’re interested in reducing bounce rate in your Salesforce CRM, you can try MassMailer today for free.