You have customer and lead contact information stored in Salesforce, so it only seems logical to use Salesforce as a mass emailer. Salesforce has mass email capabilities natively but it limited in number of ways.

With any Salesforce Edition, total mass emails can go to no more than 5,000 external email addresses in a 24 hour period. Some versions also have maximum list view sizes. As a result, you may have to chop your email list into batches and send them out over a period of days, which can be a major problem if the emails contain time-sensitive information.

In a limited number of carefully defined instances, Salesforce may approve a temporary increase in mass email limits. But they won’t do so for marketing purposes like new product or service notifications. Reasons why Salesforce might approve a temporary increase in mass email limits are limited to emergency situations, such as a customer service outage.

It’s not uncommon, however, for businesses to reach Salesforce mass email limits in the course of ordinary business. Fortunately you have options. Here are 4 reasons why you might hit Salesforce mass email limits and what you can do about it.

1. You Want to Send “Stay in Touch” Emails to Your Client Base

Contact data tends to go stale in your database, sometimes quickly. Salesforce offers a nice “Stay in Touch” feature that helps you keep your database current by sending an email to contacts prompting them to update details if any of them have changed. The problem is, it’s easy to hit Salesforce mass email limits when doing this, and of course you want to stay in touch with your entire contacts base. MassMailer, a Salesforce AppExchange App is a plugin for Salesforce that allows you to send Stay in Touch emails to an unlimited number of external emails, using a wizard that lets you do things like add custom fields relevant to your business.

2. You Want to Send Out a Notification of a New Product

Your business is launching a new product or service, so naturally you want everyone in your database to know about it. But with Salesforce mass email limits, you may have to stagger your announcements so as not to go over. Sometimes this may not be a big deal, but if your product or service launch also includes a limited time offer, you either have to coordinate the time limits with the batches of notification emails you send out, or hope that everyone gets the word in time. MassMailer can help here too, letting you get your big announcement out to everyone in one go, conveniently.

3. Your Email Newsletter List Exceeds Salesforce Mass Email Limits

A popular and well-liked email newsletter can be a powerful marketing tool, and you want to get your email newsletter out to as many subscribers as are interested. But if your distribution list bumps Salesforce’s mass email ceiling, you’re faced with sending it out in batches or using another system, both of which are inconvenient. However, MassMailer, since it’s a Salesforce plugin, lets you enjoy the convenience of sending out your newsletter from Salesforce, without the hindrance of mass email limits.

4. You Want to Do a Sales Follow-Up with an Influx of New Customers

Your trade show appearance or other marketing push has worked marvelously well, and you have a slew of new leads and customers to add to your database. Any good sales professional knows how critical follow-up is, and you’d like to follow up as efficiently as possible. This may not be an option if your follow-up list is longer than 5,000 contacts. MassMailer, however, allows you to send your follow-up emails to as many addresses as you want, so staying in touch with your new clientele is efficient and straightforward.

Sure, other apps can be integrated with Salesforce, but MassMailer was created exclusively for Salesforce as a native app specifically designed to be used within Salesforce. It offers you a seamless solution for eliminating daily and mass email limits, so your team gets more done in less time. Why not try out the MassMailer app for yourself for FREE.