As a marketer or salesperson you can never have enough leads. You can try traditional methods like networking, or running ads, but they take a lot of your time and are costly. What if you had access to an endless pool of new leads for you to pick and choose from without having to jump through any hoops? That’s what MassMailer offers you with it’s lead generation tool – Prospector.

Here are some of the unique features of Prospector:
  • Get access to 4 million companies with 18 million contacts
  • View complete up-to-date background information on all contacts
  • Filter contacts by industry, title, location, and a host of other criteria

While it’s great to have a lot of new leads, what about your existing email list – How accurate is it? To ensure your email list is always fresh, MassMailer has a feature called Clean. This tool scrubs your entire email list and identifies data that is incorrect, outdated, or duplicate. It lets you decide whether to keep, update, or delete any records. This puts your email list quality in your own hands, and improves the effectiveness of every mass email campaign you send out.

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