Send mass email campaigns without any limits natively in Salesforce CRM.

Send any number of emails a day to any standard or custom Salesforce object.

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Native Email Marketing Features in Salesforce CRM

No Daily Limits In Sending Emails

Eliminate the email limitations in Salesforce. Send emails beyond batch or per day limits.

Send To Any Salesforce Object

Through MassMailer you can send emails to any standard or custom Salesforce object, related parent or child objects.

Drag & Drop Template Builder

Create email templates right within Salesforce. No HTML code required. Just drag and drop to create mobile responsive, professional looking templates with ease.

Send Emails with Attachments

Send Marketing Or Sales documents, and videos to your Audience. You can send dynamic email attachments.

Workflow Email Alerts & Tracking

Send and track the email alerts via the Salesforce Flow or Process Builder Using MassMailer. Log the activity history, and email events such as opens, clicks.

Salesforce Native Campaigns

Send emails to your campaign members, contacts and leads from within Salesforce.

Reach in your recipient's inbox only

Dedicated IP

Dedicated IP stops your emails reaching in spam folder. You will not be sharing email marketing infrastructure with other people.

Remove Spam Traps

Identify 90% of spam trap emails, Thereby Improving the overall quality of your lists. This can even be used on purchased lists, To improve your audience reach and scale your marketing quickly.

Monitor Email Reputation

Your sender reputation Is incredibly important. If you have a poor email sender reputation, you could be sending out emails to no one at all. MassMailer’s email deliverability features provide comprehensive solutions to defeat many common Issues.

Sender Authentication

SPF & DKIM: Without this additional scrutiny or the correct authentication methods In place your email messages could be seen as phishing scams. This makes email authentication an important tool because It Impacts directly on email deliverability.

Performance Benefits

Monitor Results

Through MassMailer and Salesforce Flow Builder, you can create email drip campaigns in Salesforce with ease. MassMailer makes it possible to schedule these emails and send them to any object.

A/B Testing

Get best results for your email campaign. Identify what works best with in-built A/B testing tool in MassMailer.

Additional Advantages

Email Client Preview

Preview your email before they land to your recipient's Inbox. Test your email structure and see what needs to be fixed within minutes

Auto-sync Unsubscribe & Bounces

Through MassMailer you can send emails to any standard or custom Salesforce object, related parent or child objects.

Send a Single Email

Send a single email to your contacts and leads quickly or schedule your email to send later. Find out when your email is opened or clicked. 

Love we receive from MassMailer Users


Rick Barret

Midwest hardwood Corporation

Mailer Working Well for us

The product just works, no hassles. It has proven to be a great tool to keep 
customers informed of what is ready for sale and prompt employees to follow up with those showing an interest.


Trevor Pittman

Converse College

Made the most of Salesforce

Mailer overcomes a lot of Salesforce’s 
inherent limitations. Crucially, it was a 
simple fix to dealing with the daily email count limits that prevent Salesforce from being a true CRM (which Salesforce rarely mentions).

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