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Erase your worries of hitting your email send limit in Salesforce. MassMailer allows you to take control of the amount of emails you send and make smart decisions on your communications in-depth reporting on each email’s success.

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“MassMailer has been a great addition for our team" - Mark Street, IT Manager, The Bay Clubs

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"My company was fresh off of getting burned with an attempt at email marketing with Marketo. We needed to move on to a new tool, but there was no way I was going to be able to convince them to drop several thousand dollars more for a little while. Enter the picture, Mass Mailer. This proved to be the perfect interim solution. It allowed us to use's native campaign object without the limitation of 500 emails per day. Mass Mailer was not easy to setup, but the tech support was top notch and had us up and running lickity split. Mass Mailer does not send the emails itself. You also have to get a subscription to Sendgrid, a third party mass sending SMTP service. Mass Mailer is the tool that gets you past the 500 email per day limit, and also brings all of the mass email statistics (such as bounces, hard bounces, spams, sends, opens, etc.) into If you are looking for a sophisticated tool for running dynamic drip email campaigns, Mass Mailer is not for you. However, if you simply have a need to get past the daily send limit Salesforce imposes, or just want to get your feet wet with some very simple email marketing, Mass Mailer is the way to go. "

"MassMailer worked exactly as advertised... 

With a large database of contacts touched somewhat infrequently, we wanted to allow all of our contacts to provide us with an update of their contact information (particularly useful in our case of a nonprofit with many involved contacts who wish to receive our emails) in one fell swoop before executing our annual appeal...

We received a substantial response and, in turn, a better hit rate when we ultimately complated our final appeal via mass email."

Mike Cashman - Great tool for working with large contact database

Jim Strickland - The support is awesome and the price         is extremely reasonable.

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